Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween 2006

Happy Halloween!! This year Gwen was a ladybug. I wanted her to be a bumble bee because she does the cutest little thing where she buzzes around the room with her little hands held up like a bunny rabbit. So when they first started carrying costumes in stores I bought her a bee costume. She cried at the store because she wanted the ladybug. Well I thought she would forget once we got home and be excited to be a bee. But after a week she still wouldn't try on the bee without crying because she hadn't forgotten the ladybug. So I finally quit trying to control things that didn't matter and returned the bee and her Nana bought her the ladybug. It worked out cause she has these cute ladybug rainboots that she wore with it. All day Gwen was excited to go trick or treating and to have our halloween party. I haven't left the house too much since having Max and didn't do a good job of planning a party for us so it consisted of candy and orange plastic cups with ghosts and bats drawn on them with a black marker. I will need to work on my party planning before my kids get too much older. When Joey got home from work he took her around our neighborhood which is only about 10 houses. But it was perfect for her. One of our little neighbors came to ask Gwen if she wanted to go to more houses with her family but Gwen had had enough. She did get the most disgusting thing though, a gummy rat. I thought Joey was going to throw up when she was eating it. She only ate the tail though and was too grossed out herself to eat the gray gummy body. Max wore a little orange shirt with a pumpkin and a ghost on it that my mom bought for him while we were in the hospital. Then after he soiled that outfit, (I planned on that happening) he wore a little sleeper with a scarecrow on it that said "Happy Fall Y'all. Grandma Patty bought it for Gwen for her first Halloween, but even though it says 12 months on it, at 2 months it was too small for her. It was almost too small for 2 week old Max so it had to be labeled wrong. Halloween is my favorite holiday so it was kind of sad that we didn't have a chance to get too into it this year, but it was fun to stay home and hand out candy for once. This was our first Halloween at home since we've been married.


kellyrass said...

I need photos!!! I had a little trouble with photos the other night, but I kept trying and it finally worked. What happened to you guys at the babtism??? That was totally lame. The gift I got for Max will never fit if I don't see you. Bring the kids to Price - BE DARING!!!

Encore Dance said...

The Ladybug costume is so cute! I have a Ladybug costume I wore in SLC and I bought a little one for my future girl. I think it would be fun to dress up the same. Did you see Josh and Erik, So cute!! I think it was cute of Joey to take Gwen out. Jared won't even dress up, he's such a party pooper!!