Saturday, January 13, 2007

Max's blessing

Max was blessed on January 7. I was kind of stressed out because I had to grow up and have the luncheon at my house. When we blessed Gwen we lived in Cedar City and Joey's Aunt Lori let us use her house. It all turned out fine though. Everyone helped out and brought food and I don't think anyone noticed the messes I didn't have time to clean up. Also when Gwen was blessed no one took a single picture of anything, so I had to put her blessing dress back on her a week later and take pictures. So I did a little better this time. I still didn't get any of our family before we changed out of our clothes, but maybe next time I will get it right. My mom made his little outfit and I was very glad that it fit since she got there 5 minutes before sacrament and he had never tried it on. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came down and especially to everyone who helped out with food. The baby in the bottom corner is Emily's new baby Daymon. He is a tiny little man.

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Encore Dance said...

Max is so cute! I know what you mean about luncheons. I hate cooking so to cook for more people is so stressful!! I always feel like I have to be Martha Stewart and I'm not even close. I'm sure it was wonderful!!

I havent scrapbooked my wedding pics, so no one has really seen them. I think I'll just pay someone to do them for me. Are you going to volunteer?? jk