Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Valentines!!

For Valentines Day Joey decided to spoil his sweetheart, Gwen. He took her to build a bear, even though he has been waiting for her 3rd birthday, at least, so that she would understand what was going on. She was pretty excited. She picked Hello Kitty and when I asked her what her name was she said "Hello Kitty". I tried to get her to be more creative and even gave her some ideas, but after a few tries she impatiently said, "Her name is Hello Kitty mom." Mom is definately not Gwen's sweetheart, it is always Daddy. So I left them alone and took pictures from the sidelines.

The next day, the real Valentines Day, Gwen said she wanted to buy Daddy a teddy bear. So I took her to the dollar store and gave her a dollar bill. I showed her where the stuffed animals were and she just gave me a disgusted look. So we walked around looking for something to get him for about 20 minutes. I was feeling a little impatient so I was trying to sway her and point things out to her that he might like. I gave up after a few tries. She finally chose a little rubber ball with rubber spikeys all over it. She was so excited to give it to him and talked about it for a few days after. I am going to try really hard to turn Max into a mama's boy.

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kellyrass said...

I know Joey is a sweetheart, but it almost makes you mad when husbands finally start to love valentines day for their daughters. Almost mad - if it wasn't so dang cute!