Monday, March 12, 2007

milkshakes and playdough

Here is an update of my last post for anyone who thought I was crazy for going on a diet. I was. Never go on any kind of cleansing diet while you are nursing. It dumps toxins into your bloodstream, thus detoxifying you. But if you are nursing, those toxins in your bloodstream go right to your milk. One person compared it to giving your baby a toxic milkshake. Oops. Max is fine, but he had a rough day last week. Luckily I have a huge stock of formula for times like this when I don't think before I act.

I have been trying to do more creative things with Gwen lately. She watches way too much tv and I realized a few weeks ago that I was a horrible and unimaginative mom when I asked Gwen if we should make cookies and she was all excited and then I pulled the frozen, store bought, cookie dough out of the freezer and she got to help me put it on the pan. That isn't how moms are supposed to make cookies. So I am trying, but I am starting out small. I got a recipe in the mail for playdough, but it called for some ingredients I didn't have so I looked up an easier one on the internet. All it used was baking soda, corn starch and water. It was definately easy, but Gwen didn't really like the gritty feel it left on her hands and insisted on taking a break to wash her hands every five minutes. But the tv was off all day.


Encore Dance said...

Thats so cute! I need to not let Marcus watch so much tv. I babysit him like 4 times a week and I let him watch cartoons till like 10:00! I think I'll do the playdough, thanks for the idea!

kellyrass said...

Did she eat any of the playdough? Playdough is one of the foodgroups at my house.

kellyrass said...

you're tagged