Monday, March 05, 2007


Joey and I are on a juice diet that we started today. I can't sleep because my tummy is grumbling so I thought I would just post some pictures. Joey took a sleeping pill because we really have nothing to entertain us if we aren't eating. But at least I don't have to make dinner.

Gwen has really been missing her grandma Patty and one night when she couldn't be consoled I finally found a picture of Patty and Gwen was so excited and wanted to go find a frame for it. When she fell asleep with it I tried to move it so she wouldn't be uncomfortable all night, but she woke up and cried to have it back. She carried it around the whole next day too. Luckily she got her grandma fix a few days ago.

Max hates baths and I hate to give them to him because he cries the whole time. He hardly ever cries- ever. So it is extra stressful to me when he does because I am not used to it. This bath was his very first with no tears at all. I was so relieved I had to take lots of pictures.

I just thought this one was cute. Gwen likes to wait outside for Joey to come home from work.

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kellyrass said...

You guys have food issues. Gwen should be carring around a picture of Grandpa!!!