Monday, April 16, 2007


Kelly tagged me and I am finally getting around to it. So, 6 random things about me and 6 things that make me happy.

Random Things

1. I have a disfigured middle toe on my left foot. When I drive or cross my legs, that toe falls asleep so when I stand up it feels like I am missing a toe.

2. I have a subscription to Archaeology magazine.

3. I am afraid to pull weeds at certain places in my yard because there are holes that I am positive are snake holes. Do snakes even live in holes?

4. My closet is full of unframed art and other home decor because I am not creative and I don't know where to put anything.

5. Right now I am reading The Third Thousand Years by Cleon Skousen. I borrowed it from Patty. I love Skousen and his book The First Two Thousand Years is the best book I have ever read.

6. I used to collect unicorns. Have you ever seen the movie Dodgeball? Just like that. If you haven't seen Dodgeball you won't understand, but I was serious about unicorns.

Happy Things

1. I love going on drives. Mostly I love being able to talk to someone with no distractions. Sunday drives are the very best, but unfortunately Joey has learned to hate them. Sometimes he humors me though.

2. I love being surprized. And luckily I married someone who is really good at it. Unfortunately, in addition to surprizing me with good things, presents, cleaning the house, etc., he also likes to surprize me the bad way, scaring me. We had a good house in Cedar City for sneaking up on people. My favorite though was when I was like 7 months pregnant with Gwen and I was in the kitchen cleaning. I heard something upstairs, but we had an old house so you were always hearing things. Then I distinctly heard footsteps and while I was trying to decide which door to run out of screaming, the footsteps turned into someone running full speed down the hallway above me and then down the stairs. I have never been more afraid that I was about to die. I didn't even move. Anyway, it was Joey so I didn't die, but I'm surprized I didn't go into labor. He had come home early from being out of town so I wasn't expecting him, parked down the street so I didn't see the car and then climbed onto our carport and in through an upstairs window. I am glad to be rid of that carport.

3. I love watching the look on Max's face when I come into his line of sight. He starts smiling and his whole body starts moving and trying to get my attention. Gwen could care less about me anymore. But being a mom is the most rewarding thing in the world. Even when you are the one who punishes them, they always want you to hold them and comfort them. Most of all I love to look at my kids while they are sleeping and peaceful.

4. Checking the mail makes me happy. It is really the highlight of my day. I never get anything either, but it is just so fun I think. On no mail holidays I am seriously depressed. The best is when we have been out of town and there is a full mailbox. We used to try to trick each other to be the first to get the mail at times like this, but for the most part Joey lets me do it now.

5. I am the happiest when I have accomplished everything I wanted to in one day. My perfect day would be a day when the kids and I are all dressed before 10 o'clock. The laundry is all done and the house is clean and organized. We get out of the house for at least an hour to go somewhere other than Wal-mart, like the park or the library and then we have something good for dinner at a decent time. I don't have very high standards for what I want to accomplish. But anything I can get done on top of all that is even better.

6. It makes me happy to have an excuse not to have to make dinner.

Now I am tagging my cousin Ashley. She started a blog but so far hasn't posted anything yet, so maybe this will help her start.


Encore Dance said...

I didn't know about your toe! You lived with me and I didn't know about the crazy toe? Thats cool.

Cara said...

I loved this entry! Loved the pictures -- I know I tell you this every time I talk to you -- but your kids are so adorable. And I loved reading those things about you. It made my morning at work way more fun!! :)