Thursday, April 05, 2007


We went on vacation for a week last month to Washington. We were actually only in Washington for a few days because we drove so a lot of time was spent driving to and from. We tried to break it up for the kids though and stopped a lot along the way. On our 2nd day we stopped at this beautiful waterfall right before Portland. You could see it from the road, but we decided to get out and stretch our legs and then we noticed this little bridge that you could walk a little ways to. I have to tell this experience because it affected us for the rest of the day. We walked up to the bridge and Joey was taking a picture of the kids and me. Gwen started to walk away from me and I totally remember it in slow motion. She was only a few steps away from me and she jumped in this puddle and slipped. She grabbed onto the sides of the bridge to catch herself and for a split second it looked like she was going to slip through the slats and fall 700 feet to her death. She didn't. But it scared me to death and then I looked at Joey and he looked like he had seen a ghost. He didn't talk for a long time after that, and he carried her and babied her for the rest of the day.

These pictures are from the Seattle Aquarium. It was pretty cold that day and a lot of it was outside, but it was still fun. Gwen peed her pants right in the middle of a bunch of kids and I had to take her into the bathroom to dry her pants. It was pretty funny. It took us way to long to realize on this trip that she is afraid of the big toilets in restrooms cause she thinks she will fall in. After we realized what the problem was, it was easy to fix and then we were accident free, but we had a lot of accidents before that.

One of the reasons that we went to Washington was to see the Tinneys. Joey went on his mission to Washington and he met them while he was there. Daniel was a member in one of the areas he served in and he baptized Amy. They have since gotten married (on the same day as us) and have two kids. Ashley is a year older than Gwen and Austin is a month older than Max. Gwen had so much fun playing with Ashley and doesn't understand now that we are home why she can't see her all the time. We went to church with them while we were there and they fed us a few times. One night we drove out to Amy's grandma's house for dinner. Amy lived with her while Joey was teaching her so it was so fun to talk to her grandma. She had so many nice things to say about Joey. She also showed me all the things Joey fixed around her house so now he can't claim he doesn't know how when things break at our house. My favorite part of our vacation was talking to all these people who admire Joey and people he had helped and who had helped him. It made me re-realize what a good guy he is and how much I appreciate him.

After we left Washington we drove down the coast to Seaside Oregon for a night. Our hotel was right on the beach, but it was freezing. We always go places at the wrong times. We stayed at my parents timeshare condos the whole time and they are so nice. So even though it was freezing outside, they kept the pools at like 90 degrees so we could swim and look at the ocean. I had a bad experience with oysters while we were there, but I know now that I don't like them. At all.


kariperry said...

looks like a fun trip! i didn't know Joey went on his mission to WA. That's cool...what mission was he in? I think I lived in the tacoma'll have to ask him if he ever went to Centralia. Josh is from Oregon, I remember stopping at multnoma (sp) falls when we go up there! But now his parents live here so there isn't any reason to go up there. We love the Oregon coast, Josh had a bad experience with oysters too. lol and thanks to my mom...he won't ever eat them again

Encore Dance said...

What a fun trip! Gwen is so cute in all the pics, so are you! Looks like you had a blast~