Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Camera

Well I had my first sort of real photo shoot. It was more real than shooting my own kids, but she works for Joey so it wasn't as intimidating as it will get. It turned out to be a bad day though. Joey had to go out of town so I had to take the kids with me. My camera was scheduled to come that day. The UPS guy usually doesn't come until after 5 and my appointment was at 4. Plus I had to sign for the package. So I called UPS to see if they could drop it off at Two Brothers instead because they deliver a lot earlier to downtown businesses. So I was so excited when the store called and said I had a package from UPS. I threw the kids in the car and drove right down there. Then she hands me a box that is clearly too small to be my new camera. Turns out I also had a can of formula coming that day. I wanted to cry. So at 4 oclock I went to my appointment with my old camera and crying kids in tow. We did the shoot at a park so Gwen cried the whole time to be pushed on the swings and Max cried everytime he rolled off his blanket cause he didn't like the feel of the grass. On top of that it was windy and I had to make due with a point and shoot camera. After it was all over, we drove home and there was my new camera on the front porch.

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kellyrass said...

Those pictures turned out cute! By the way, I think someone might try to steal the camera now that you've posted its name and location.