Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sweet Pea

Okay, okay. Here is a new post. I have been super busy lately, but I can't really think of what I have been doing. Mostly just following Joey around wherever he goes. So I haven't really been busy, just not at home. Yesterday we were in Tooele for half of the day. There is the cutest store there that I have to go into whenever we are there. It is called Sweet Pea Boutique and it has new and used childrens clothing. They always have the cutest stuff and I learned why yesterday. I was there in the middle of their buying day, so there were ladies coming in the whole time trying to get them to buy their used clothing and what not. They turned a lot of things down. They only accept name brand clothing unless it is extra cute. They don't accept anything with any holes rips or stains. They turned down a lot of other stuff and although I felt bad for the women who had to leave with some of the stuff they came in with, I realized that is why their store is so clean and neat. Well anyway, I love it. If you are ever in Tooele I would recommend it. I would even recommend a special trip just to visit them. There new stuff is reasonably priced too and they have accessories and candles and frames and shelves, etc. I tried to put some pics of Randis wedding and of the cute things I got at the Sweet Pea Boutique, but I don't know what is wrong with my computer. It hasn't been letting me add pictures to my blog. I just tried again and it let me add one and now it isn't working again. SOO... here is sophie at Randi's wedding.

I will try again later to put up some more pictures of the wedding. But Kelly has some good ones on her blog that Susan took.


DD said...

Did you know I read your Blog?? How else am I suppose to know what is going on with you guys! Just so you know I took some of those pictures with kelly's camera on kelly's blog but she won't send them to me. HINT for Kelly!
You take great pictures and Sophie is too cute. I'm excited to see the rest.

Encore Dance said...

The wedding was so cute! Your pics are great! I'm glad you blogged because I was getting bugged, jk I'm not any better.