Sunday, July 29, 2007


So I have been thinking lately that Joey and I are slowly beginning to live seperate lives. Mostly because for a long time we did everything together and since we've had kids, it doesn't always work out that I can go on business trips with him, etc. Then I got a new car and I was surprized how much more we saw each other when we were sharing a car. So the next step was naturally to take seperate vacations. Just joking, it just worked out that way, it wasn't really planned. Joey went to Alaska for a week long fishing trip with his dad, brother, and brothers in law, grandpa and some cousins. It has been planned for awhile and I was just going to relax. But at the last minute I found out my parents were going to Pagosa Springs Colorado for the same week that Joey would be gone and I invited myself to come along. It was weird to be away from Joey for that long and a few days before we were going to see him again, Gwen started saying she wanted her daddy. It was kind of sad.

So first of all I need to thank Jackson for remembering to bring a camera. And props for getting Joey to smile. I have maybe 2 pictures of him smiling. If you can even get him to look directly at the camera it is rare. He prefers to look distant and serious.

Most of the talk when the boys got home was of the 180 lb halibut that Erik caught. The average size that they were catching was 25 or 30 lbs so this was a big deal. Here is Jackson helping Erik hold it up.

And here is a pic of the giant fish lying next to the other baby fish. Imagine a 30 lb fish looking like a baby in comparison to this enormous disgusting fish!

And here are our pics from Pagosa. The weather was so nice. It never got above like 80 degrees and it rained everyday without fail at 4 o'clock. We went to a pretty waterfall. There were these squirrels that we in love with Gwen because she was feeding them sun flower seeds. I am glad she didn't get bit or something while I was being a bad parent just taking pictures of my daughter trying to pet disgusting rodents.

And here are just some pics of the beatiful scenery that we enjoyed for a week. Not too different than anything you can see in Utah, but it is amazing how much we take our own surroundings for granted.


Encore Dance said...

That fish is gross!! I'm glad Erik didn't get pulled overboard. Sounds like a good vacation and I love the pic of the hummingbirds. Very cool!

Sarah said...

You take such great pics Suzy! When I take pictures it's only about 1 in 10 that is useable. Maybe I should invest in a real camera.