Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Favorite Pictures

Sometimes the best pictures are taken with camera phones. They are always there during the good times. Well I am always trading phones with Joey and losing pictures that I loved. The other day while I was packing I found an old memory card and when I plugged it in it had a bunch of old pictures from my phone. They are not the greatest quality, but they remind me of some of my favorite times. I was so glad to find it and have break from packing.

This one just makes me laugh. This was after Grandma Patty taught her to do different faces. This one was her angry face.

My little buddha baby

Nana came to visit earlier in the day and didn't have anything for Gwen to play with, but she had brand new pantyhose in her purse. Gwen really doesn't need much to keep her entertained.

This was at the Social Distortion concert last summer. I was 7 months pregnant with Max and I thought I was going to pass out the whole time from the heat and just the proximity of all the sweaty bodies crushing up against me. This picture was taken before it was very crowded or hot.

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Sarah said...

Cute birthday! You should hurry and blog again!