Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Colors

I am so excited to have a tree in my yard that changes color in the fall! The trees at our old house were still just twigs. Our new neighborhood is so beautiful right now with all the mature trees changing colors.

These flowers are from my very own yard too. I need to ask Patty what else I can plant next year to have a perfect fall yard.

I did a family picture for a family and I had to post a picture so that everyone can see Gwens future husband. His name is Easton and he is in her playschool group. After months of insisting that Josh was NOT her cousin so that she could marry him, she decided out of the blue one day that Josh was indeed her cousin and she wanted to marry Easton. I can't complain. He is a very nice boy with a very nice family. Of course, last week she wanted to marry Caleb, an older boy from her same playschool group, but she seems to go back to Easton everytime. Should I be worried? I don't think I noticed boys until 4th grade. Last time we were at Randis house Gwen noticed the Jordan River Temple and said she wanted to get married there so I asked her what you do after you get married. She said "You play and eat treats." So I'm not worried yet. Pretty soon she will think boys are gross.


Sarah said...

The yard looks beautiful! We have to drive down 3rd East to get that view. I love the name Easton! Isn't that reason enough to marry someone?

Encore Dance said...

I agee with sarah, you marry for the name right? You know he'll be a lawyer or something with that name. I love he pics..

Crystal said...

Hey Suzy!
I just thought I'd leave a note and say, "Hey Suzy!" Also, I was wondering if we came to Richfield one of these days if you could do our family pic while we're down there...before I look too pregnant. ALSO, I have a blog now if you ever get bored you can check it out. Well, let me know how you're doing!