Monday, November 26, 2007


Today was our 4th day in Hawaii! Our first day was kind of crazy. Besides the plane trip with 4 babies and getting all of us and our luggage to the hotel, we gained 3 hours. I love setting the clock back, but 3 hours definately threw all the kids off their sleep schedules. The first morning Max woke up at 3 a.m. I finally got him back to sleep and then the alarm clock went off at 4. So I got up with Max and we accidentally woke Gwen up on our way out. So the kids and I were hanging out in the halls, since it was still dark outside. And I got a text from Kelli asking if I was awake. I thought I must have woken everyone up with my loud kids in the hall, and then Kelli and Eislee got off the elevator behind me. Kelli had also been up since 4, so we took the kids and went grocery shopping. We learned later that everyone had had the same problem and Dion and Kelly were also up early. I'm not excited about losing 3 hours on the trip home, but maybe it will work to our advantage, sleep-wise. Probably not.

Well Max took his first consecutive steps last night. I left for about half an hour to take pictures of the Drummonds and when I got back to the room I heard the news. He stood up in the middle of the room and took 4 steps. I haven't gotten to see it yet. But he must be getting sick of crawling in the sand because he was standing up a lot more at the beach today.

We are having a blast. I will post more pictures later.


Kari said...

i was just coming to see if you were alive, and you are in hawaii! i'm so jealous! My parents were trying to take the whole family earlier this yet, but it never worked out! have tons of fun! can't wait to see more pictures!

Crystal said...

What the Hawaii?? I didn't know you guys were going fun! Be sure to post tons of pics, yours are always so amazing. Have fun!

Sarah said...

Those pics are freakin' amazing! I love that Grandpa Jerry got buried with Max!

royalphotography said...

These pics are sweet. The one on top with the palm trees looks like it should be a post card. I don't think Max likes to be burried in the sand though.