Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So I got tagged...

Here's the rules:

A. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
B. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog, for these rules.

1. This one is mostly for the Carlson girls who always make sure to stop at Christensens when they are in southern Utah. I live right inbetween the Christensen brothers. I feel like I am rubbing elbows with local celebrities. You can go to to read more about them and to see when they are having special sales. (It's a good excuse to come and visit.)

2. I can't let go of Halloween. My Happy Halloween welcome mat is still on the porch with all of my pumpkins. Gwen wore her Halloween jammies to bed 2 nights ago. (And then wore them all day and then again to bed last night. Don't judge me.) My Jack O Lantern hot pad is still on the stove, and I still have a creepy zombie ringback tone on my phone.

3. I have no decorating sense. My walls are all painted and ready for things to be hung, but everything is just sitting in a closet. Now it is almost time to decorate the tree and I am having anxiety just thinking about how undecorated my house and tree will look. Someone come and help me.

(This would be funny if someone weren't really selling this pre-decorated tree for almost $700)

4. My family are my best friends. Not just my immediate family, but my in laws and extended family as well. I got really lucky in the in law department. I love them all. And if someone told me ten years ago that my sisters would be my best friends, I would have laughed. Probably if someone had told me ten years ago that Kelly Carlson (Rasmussen) would be one of my favorite people I would have cried. (Sorry Kel, but you are intimidating. Not anymore though.) Well that goes for all of the Carlsons, really, except Randi.

5. I visit with the Jehovah's Witnesses at least once a week. They started coming when I first moved to Richfield and the same lady comes every single time. She brings different companions with her all the time, but she comes without fail every week. She is such a sweet lady and has brought me gifts when I had Max or just when she knew I was having a rough week. She always reads me a scripture. (something I wish I could do every single time to every lady that I visit teach. But sometimes it just doesn't feel right when you know they don't want you there.) But we mostly just talk about how the world is and it is nice to see in such a predominantly Mormon community that all of us want the same things for our families.

6. I love green. (The color, not the party)

I am tagging Kari, Randi, Kelli Ann, Cara, and Crystal


kellyrass said...

No longer intimidating anymore huh. You're ass is grass next time I see you. Sorry mom.

Kelli said...

Dork! I don't know how to do the blog tag stuff yet. I will try to figure it out though. Okay so I read that you are on a diet?!?!?! What are you thinking, skinny minny.

Sarah said...

Diet schmiet. I'm going to break the world record for the fattest woman.
Our tags should be exactly the same! I love Halloween, use to be scared of Kelly, can't decorate to save my life, I've shopped at Christensen's, and I too have Jehovah's Witnesses that come over! They are Mark's age, and he was irritated that I let them in the house. I want to throw up on that tree. What is up with the flamingo? That is defintely not a symbol of Christmas in any country as far as I'm aware of. And let's just say I'm aware of a lot of things.

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, green is my fave. I got green in my class ring even though we were supposed to get royal blue. I try to eat the green M&M's first too. And I have to consciously steer myself away from green in clothing stores because I end up looking like a large bush.

royalphotography said...

Hey Suz,
I don't like how I have to leave a comment on one of your blogs to reply. Haha. I wish there was just a comment form or something. This picture is crazy though. Did you take it on one of your many adventures? :) I just looked at your Saturday photos. They're really good from what I can see. I see what you're saying with the guy though. Not much you can do with that. You did excellent for what you were given though. I like the one with both of them in their school team outfits.