Monday, December 31, 2007


Gwen was so excited for Christmas that we could hardly keep her awake on Christmas Eve. We made our cookies and sprinkled our reindeer food and then she was out for the night. I was so excited for her reactions since it is the first year that she understands what is going on. So I took these pictures of their presents and stockings laid out and a picture of the letter that Santa left her because I thought she would be so excited to get it the next morning and I imagined doing something cute with the pictures of the night before and pictures of her excited little face. So you can imagine our disappointment when she came into our room early that morning holding treats from hers and Max's stockings. She had already been down to see what santa left her and amazingly for a three year old had already read the note he left her. It said, "Dear Gwen. Love Santa" She was not happy when we tried to tell her that among other things, it told her to be nice to her little brother.

So here are some pics of presents that have already lost their magic. Except Max's "rockin' guitar" as Gwen calls it. Why are the dollar store toys always the most cherished?

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Crystal said...

So I just pointed to a picture of Max on your blog and asked Daisy, "Who's that?" and she said, "Jesus!" So...good luck with that little bit of info. She did know who Gwen was though.