Monday, December 17, 2007

Forgotten Pictures

While browsing through my pictures last night, looking for good ones to delete to free up some space, I found some pictures that I had forgotten about. (I know, that was a major run on sentence) Anyway, whenever I take pictures of other people, Gwen gets jealous. So when I take pictures for family and she is around, there are often little shots of her scattered throughout the pictures. And I never do anything with them. I need to go through and find them all, it is usually when she is on her best behavior so I will "choose" her.

This is one from a few months ago at my parents house. She snuck in there while we were trying to get Daymon to smile.

Cameron and Gwen both got a little jealous while Haylee was getting all the attention so we took a few of the "3's" as my mom likes to call them. (The nickname changes every year with their age. Daymon, Lexie and Max will go through the same nicknames since they are all the same age. How fun for all of them to grow up with cousins they can be so close to.)

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Kari said...

none of my cousins are close to the same age as me....closest one is 3 years older and 5 years younger. Jenica has a blast, there are 3 little ones (including her) born within 6 months of eachother. Kaitlyn has one that's 8 months older and 9 months younger (funny those 2 are both from the same mom...all her kids are 17 months apart, it's crazy). Anyways, cute pics!! :)