Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holidays and Haircuts

I will get to Christmas another time. I need to upload my pictures still and it isn't top on my list. So, here is what we did leading up to Christmas. We had the Carlson family Christmas party in Price. Jerry took all the kids on tube rides with his 4 wheeler. Gwen and Eislee were too little to hold on by themselves so Chad took them on the snowmobile and Gwen had so much fun.

Another highlight was playing guitar hero. The fun was postponed for awhile right when everyone was getting into it because Max knocked over the xbox and scratched the disk. Luckily Joey and Erik found another copy at WalMart so that this could happen:

Somehow I missed Jerry and Patty playing together, that was priceless. There are not many things that we can all enjoy together, so thank you guitar hero for bringing the family together. Just kidding. I was saying the other day that a game is no good if it makes you yell at your children to leave you alone cause they are making you miss notes on a plastic guitar with buttons instead of strings. But seriously, it's fun.

And here was the big event of the week. (The year for me) Gwen got her very first haircut of her entire life!! She has never even had a trim. I wanted Aunt Randi to be the first person to cut her hair, but I keep putting it off. Dion was having her cut some of her girls hair so I just had her do it. When I first asked Gwen she looked at me like I was crazy and told me no, that she was growing it to the floor. Then she tried to get Grandma Patty to protect her. But then Aunt Kelly, who is super tricky, told Gwen that Randi would give her a princess haircut. After that you couldn't have talked Gwen out of it. She was so excited. She was good the whole time until Randi tried to style it. She is so afraid of the blowdryer. She has gotten better in the few days since she got it cut, but she did burn her hand on my curling iron already. I saved a few locks of her hair and got her her own makeup case to carry her hair supplies in. I don't think she cared too much about it, except that it matches my bigger makeup case. But I thought it was a fun bonding moment for us.

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Crystal said...

Will you come take pictures of my life? Every moment of yours seems so precious because you have all of those awesome pics...and because I'm sure it is precious ;) I totally understand what you mean about guitar hero, it has united my family also.