Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cheating with Memories

Oops. My title sounds different than what I meant. So digital scrapbooking isn't any easier for me than regular scrapbooking. I still have to deal with not being creative at all. Even when I have tons of templates at my disposal. So this Christmas page isn't much, but it took me so long that I decided to just change the journaling and a few things and use it for our family scrapbook, Gwen's and Max's. Maybe once I catch up on not having scrapbooked at all last year then I can take time to make everyones pages special.

And here is a page I started for Gwen and it is just sitting there because I can't even find anyone to copy to finish it up. Any ideas? This is her favorite dress, so I was thinking I would just write "favorite dress" somewhere??

And here are the calendars I made for YW. I think I like the first one better, but it is Valentines this month, so the heart paper is cute. I need opinions. My husband couldn't care less.


Kari said...

cute pages. And no, you aren't an idiot. i'll tell you the way i do it. crap...I have a mac and can't think of what the button is on a reg computer... i think it's control+T. This also works for re-sizing stuff. hold down your shift key and it will keep it the right ratio (is that the right word?) It keeps it from getting distorted.

Sarah said...

Is it sick that I've had an account with a scrapbooking site for about 6 months now and I haven't even gone near it? I like the first calendar page as well, but I guess you have to satisfy the theme. Valentine's Day can suck it as far as I'm concerned though.

Kelli said...

So cute, the calenders for young womens are so cute, I never thought of that I am so sick of the old crappy white ones.