Friday, January 11, 2008


Well I had my braces put on yesterday. It wasn't too bad, especially because I knew Joey had the kids so I didn't feel anxious when it took forever. They didn't give me a mirror after they were done so I didn't get to see what they looked like until I got out to my car. I was glad I was alone when I saw them because I'm sure I would have been embarrassed later by the look of disappointment on my face. I never thought about how braces work and so I just assumed that the brackets and the metal wire would be in a straight line across my teeth. I didn't know that until my teeth got a little straighter it would look like my braces are crooked. Obviously I am not going to post a picture. I don't even want to see anyone I know for a few days until I get used to myself again. I am supposed to go to lunch today with a friend. Even if it didn't hurt to eat or take me an hour to eat one piece of french toast, there is no way I am eating in front of anyone but Joey and the kids. I saw an adult with braces last night eating cake and icecream and he was able to close his mouth while he chewed and didn't have stuff all stuck in his braces after. I wonder if he noticed me staring at him? Oh well, it gave me hope.
So here is a scrapbook page I did last night. The picture is old, but I am trying to catch up.

If anyone wants to copy it, it is easy. It was a quick page, so all I did was stick my picture in. I can't remember right now what site I got it on, so if you are interested let me know and I will find out. For now though, i can hear Max playing in the toilet downstairs.


kellyrass said...

Take a picture brace face.

Eric said...

Hey there. I'm a banker in NYC who's getting braces tomorrow and debating whether or not to show up for this form of torture. Any advice, now that you are wired as an adult? (I am scared and randomly searcing blogs to find someone to get some advice from!)


Dave (