Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things that have been making me laugh:

Gwen has a journal that we try to write in everyday and I just write down everything she says. I try not to talk at all, but most of the time I have to ask questions or she won't talk. This was part of her entry last night.

Me: "Who is your best friend?"

Gwen: "Haylee."

Me: "Why is she your best friend?"

Gwen: "Because I love her."

Me: "Why do you love her?"

Gwen: (With absolutely no hesitation. She didn't even have to think about this one)
"Because she likes bread and apples."

Gwen is obsessed with getting married. Too much tv I guess. And for the last few months she has wanted to marry her daddy. He has never been first on her list and he loves it. But after one of our recent trips to Price she said with a sad little voice, "Josh says if I marry my dad then I won't have a mom anymore." This is really devastating for her because up until a few months ago she wanted to marry Josh and we finally convinced her that she can't marry her cousin. She is doomed to be an old maid.

Max makes us laugh a lot, but nothing that would be special to anyone else, especially to anyone else with a one year old. He makes the funniest faces and is just so particular about everything, who he will play with, what he eats, and well I guess that is all he really has any control over. One of his favorite people is my dad and he will just jump out of your arms when he sees him. But he gives my mom a hard time and really makes her work for his affection. It is kind of funny. He likes me obviously, but if he has a choice he would much rather play with his dad. He only gives me hugs if Joey tells him to and he will never hold still and sit on my lap or watch tv or let me read him a book like he does with Joey.


kellyrass said...

Josh is so cruel, I have raised him poorly.

Crystal said...

That's why you're my friend...because of the bread and apple thing :) Those sandwiches are pretty heart attackish - but so delicious (the spell checker just informed met that 'attackish' is not a word). I do most of my layouts myself, but sometimes I use templates if I find a good one...just depends. Do you know how to use templates? They are the greatest inventions when you find a good one. You should post more of your pages, you inspire me. How's Daisy doing? Hopefully she isn't causing too much terror.