Thursday, March 06, 2008

80th celebration

Grandma Pete turned 80 last Friday. I was in charge of centerpieces.

They don't look like much, but it really did take a long time to get them all put together. It took me awhile to get the right pictures and colors into each bucket so that it all coordinated. After I had it all put together, I didn't want to take it all apart again to transport them. So I put all the buckets in a box and then put the box in a garbage sack. As I was tying up the garbage sack I decided not to tie it tight because I didn't want to struggle to open it again when we got the party. So there was a an opening at the top that was a few inches wide. Joey's cousin Elyse was driving up with us so she helped me load all our stuff and kids into Joey's truck. Well Joey ended up having tons of trouble with his computers at work so we were trying to waste time while we waited for him. We went and got lunch and then I noticed that we needed gas. I decided while I was getting gas that I would surprise Joey with a clean car when we picked him up. So I paid for my gas and bought a car wash and half way through the car wash, Elyse looks back with a look of horror on her face. My camera, all our bags and my paper flower centerpieces are all in the back of the truck. What an idiot I am. I wanted to cry. Joey ended up not coming at all so we just hurried to Randi's house so I could take those stupid center pieces apart and iron them and put them all back together. I don't have any after pics, but I'm sure Joey's family really thought I was a scuzzin after that. I couldn't find any glue at Randi's house either so some things had to be taped back together. It was a disaster. I'm sure no one even noticed, but for me it was really sad. Anyway, here are some pics of the party. Kelly Rasmussen put together "The Newlywed Game". It was pretty funny, especially some of the unexpected answers from Grandpa Pete.

This is my brace face buddy. She wouldn't smile with her teeth.

Eric has a bad attitude. We all missed Joey, but especially Eric.

Cute little Sophie

This is Joey and I in 20 years. Especially if the picture is taken at a Prince family function. Just joking.

Kelly is bossy. Some of us need to be bossed though, so it works out. Look at that shiny, gorgeous hair. I have always been jealous of Kelly's perfect hair. I asked her once how she does it and all she would tell me was that her hairspray doesn't have alcohol. Not helpful.

Elyse and Grandpa. Elyse helped me with my kids all weekend and one time after she put Gwen in her carseat, Gwen said with so much admiration in her voice, "Elyse, you are so beautiful."

The winners of the Newlywed Game. I don't think anyone kept score, but it was amazing how many things they remembered that the real newlyweds couldn't even begin to guess. Like who did your spouse date right before you. I guess guys don't care about stuff like that anymore. They assume you weren't alive before they met you.

This was right after Jackson revealed to us all that Randi's nickname for him is "Big Dawg".


DD said...

Can I just say that your display of pictures for the party were perfect, creative and cute. Did you notice no carlson kids were incharge of decor?? We all know who to count on!!
You really are awsome even if you did marry Joey!

Randi & Jackson said...

Suzy those centerpieces were amazing! Really they were and way cute! And just to clear things up, I don't call Jackson Big Dog, and we did win the newlywed game, probably because we were they the last people to get married:)

kristi said...

darling centerpieces. thanks for your kind words.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

It's Toni Southam (Perkins). My mom was staying at your mom's and she showed my mom your blog who then called me so I looked an anyways... Your family is so cute. We also have a blog. It's So feel free to check it out and I am going to add you as a friend. Hope all is well!

Kari said...

loooove the flowers! you did a great job! :)

kellyrass said...

Joey sucks. You broke a serious rule by putting my picture up.