Monday, March 10, 2008

Construction Zone

Well I decided that I wanted to try to make my blog cute and look all scrappy like ones that I have seen. I saved my template before I started messing around because I know me and I knew I would mess it up. Well I did and when I tried to apply my old template it had completely erased my sidebar. So while I reconstruct my sidebar, I know that a lot of you know how to make a page cute and I would really like to know how. Please, please, enlighten me. Thanks.

Also under construction is our entryway and entry bathroom. Today we are finally getting the new tile grouted.
In this picture you can see the newly painted wood and the new railing and the new tile. And Gwen and Max's handy work on the wall.

I painted the bathroom on Friday in anticipation of getting the new toilet and vanity put in. When I asked the "painter boy" as Gwen calls him, what he thought of the color, he kind of looked at me weird and said "Well I'm kind of color blind, but to me it looks green." It is green. But I like it and I don't plan on ever selling this house so I'm not going to change it anytime soon. Unless one of the Kelly/i's tells me to.

I had trouble getting the correct color to come across in my pics. But it's green. It looks yellow in these.

When we got home from running errands today, Gwen promptly went upstairs and changed into a swimming suit. Then her friend Halle came over and this is what they are doing. Chillin' in their suits. They are seriously chilling. We have all the doors open so the grout will dry faster.


The Bradley Family said...

I LOVE your tile!!! It is so pretty. Gwen and Connor would get along great. Connor puts his swimsuit on all the time. I am excited to come and see all the work you have done on your house!

Kari said...

i will help you make your blog "cute"! :) I've become a pro

emily barclay said...

thats so funny.. Addie has been on this obsession with her swim suit too.. she won't take a bath unless its in the swimming suit and the second that we get home she puts it on again.. its kind of funny.. I don't have any clue about the whole blog thing Jakell helps me put thigns on mine, and I couldn't remember how to do it to save my life.. i was hoping that you knew..