Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love Gilbert Blythe

We passed up a chance to go to Mesquite with Joey today so that I could get some things done around the house. I need to paint doors, do laundry, CLEAN and I really wanted to try to take a short nap since our handy man was going to be gone.

But this is what I did instead.

One of the women in the YW presidency with me asked if I would take her picture for her husbands birthday on Friday. She was so funny and just started striking poses. I found out that she used to model for maybelline 20 something years ago. It was so fun to get to know another side of her.

Then Max needed a little attention.

What has really been preventing me from getting much done this week is the KBYU fundraiser going on. They are showing Anne of Green Gables in sections every night. Gwen loves Little House on the Prairie so I thought she would also like Anne of Green Gables. She watched the first night with me, but once they got into their teen years, she was done.


The Bradley Family said...

I love Gilbert also, I read the series atleast once a year and have also been hooked on KBYU. Isn't it fun to get nothing done?

Randi & Jackson said...

I love that movie, it never gets old. I don't like when she becomes an adult-BORING!

Encore Dance said...

I Love Gilbert!!! Love him! I own the movies and have to watch them every time I get sick. I cry laugh and get buterflies at the same times in the movies, every time. Never get old or boring.

Crystal said...

We'd love to babysit, I can't think of anything we have planned tonight. I'll have Steve call Joey.

emily barclay said...

That picture of max is adorable..

kellyrass said...

Those pictures turned out SOOO good! Anne of Green Gables? I am a much bigger fan of the later versions, including the ones where she and Gilbert are actually married. Love it.