Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moldy Toast & Purses

For Valentines Day I made pink pancakes and I thought it would be cute to do a green breakfast for St. Patty's Day. Luckily my kids aren't old enough to know what mold is. It didn't look very appetizing though.

Now that our handyman is almost finished with our entryway, I have to start thinking about all the touch-ups I still have left to finish. So yesterday I started a few projects. I didn't get much done. Usually when I am trying to work on a project, Max is trying to help the whole time. Yesterday though, he kept disappearing. Here is what I found one of the times I noticed that he was being very quiet. Gwen came in the room and saw the mess. She looked at me with absolute disgust and wanted to know why Max did that. She just wouldn't think to do something like that. How can two children with the same parents be so different at such a young age?

Also, I got tagged by Sarah Bradley. The rules are to dump out your purse, take a picture and list the contents of your purse. I had to laugh when I read Sarah's post. We were roommates in college and the difference in our purse contents just sums up our whole relationship. I would like Sarah to know that I am not as big of a pig as I once was. I even fold my towels the way that she taught me, so that they look and fit better in the closet. But the things that Joey won't notice right away, like my car and my purse, tend to get moved to the back burner so that I can tend to the things that are more obvious.

Here is my purse. I got it at the Diamond Store boutique. If you are ever in Richfield, it is a cute little store. They have cute watches.

This is what was in my purse:
One earring, comtrex, hotel wristband from Hawaii, tootsie roll wrappers, 1 pink mitten, 1 Franc, broken green crayon, red sharpie, a tangle of rubberbands and a necklace, toothbrush, toy phone, orthodontist bill, return address stickers, vitamins, mascara, lipgloss, teeth whitener, stamps, empty roll of stamps, 2 crayons, 3 pens, 4 childrens benadryl, bracelet, 3 links of a broken chain, 6 receipts, febreeze, checkbook, 1 diaper, wetwipes, nail clippers, 1 safety pin. Normally my credit cards aren't all strewn about in my purse. I accidentally left my purse in Joey car last week and I needed the number off one of my cards. He couldn't find what I needed and I haven't gotten around to putting them away yet.

Make sure and go to Sarah's blog and look at the contents of her purse. (Rorynsarah.blogspot.com) She has always been so neat and organized. How did she ever live with me for as long as she did? Maybe Sarah and Joey would have been better matched for each other. Sorry Joe.

Now I am tagging Kelly, Kelli, Kari, Cara, Crystal and Randi


The Bradley Family said...

My laundry room is my deep dark secret. I have completely run out of room in our house and so I shove everything into the laundry room. It is soooo disorganized, so I'm not as organized as you think ;) I loved living with you, it made college so fun, you were the funnest roommate ever.

Gardagami said...

See here or here

cara lou said...

Haha -- thanks for purse tagging me. It totally motivated me to finally post something. conveniently while William was sleeping and John was gone. Thanks!

I love reading your blog, by the way. Sorry I rarely comment but I always read your posts and they always make me smile!