Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Called To Serve

Luke and I at his HS graduation

My sweet little Luke went into the MTC this morning. I took the kids to Price last night for his setting apart. I was going to go to breakfast with the whole family in Provo to say goodbye but I decided it would be better to have a little more time with him on his last night than to say goodbye in the parking lot of IHOP. He gave me a painting he just finished to hang in my kitchen and I am so excited to get it framed. He is so artistic and talented and I am going to miss him so much. It is sad to know that I can't call him right now to talk. I feel so homesick and melancholy just thinking about what he is feeling. He is going to be such a good missionary. He is so outgoing and compassionate. I just love that boy so much and I am excited to see how he does and to get letters from him and send him packages.

Emily, Luke, Layne, Lori and Haylee the morning
that Layne went into the MTC

Layne is currently serving in the Kennewick Washington mission and has been gone since the end of 2006. He was here when Max was born, but you can see from the picture that he left before Emily popped Daymon out. Last week Luke sent Layne a sandwich, in the mail. Disgusting. This is why I am excited to send Luke packages too cause I know he will appreciate anything, just to be getting mail.

Lynn serving in Brazil

Lynn just returned from Brazil two weeks ago. Lynn and Luke had a joint farewell/homecoming last Sunday. It is so exciting to have Lynn home and to see what he will do next. I can't wait for him to be married, just to see what kind of a girl he marries and to give him lots of unwanted advice.

I am so proud of all my brothers and they are my best friends. I am glad that I have Lynn back especially because I am already missing my Luke. I need to be better about writing to Layne so it is good to be reminded once in awhile how much you miss and love them.


cara lou said...

It's so weird to see your brothers like, grown up. I remember Luke as like, a 3-year-old. Seriously. It's so weird.

The Bradley Family said...

I have to agree with Cara Lou, I can't believe your brothers are old enough to be serving missions. They all turned out so good, your parents must have done something right! Don't worry about the 3rd of May, it sounds like you will already have a packed day! Have fun and tell everyone I said Hi.

Sarah said...

Luke gave a funny talk in my ward right after your ward got over. He forgot his talk so he decided to "wing" it.