Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jane Austen

Last night I rented Robin Hood for the kids and Becoming Jane for after the kids went to bed. Joey was out of town and I try to watch sappy movies while he is gone so that he doesn't have to sit through them. Well really he would just refuse, so it is my only chance. Usually I am disappointed and sad that I didn't spend my free time reading a book. But this movie was so good that I am still thinking about it today. If you haven't seen it already, you should rent it. It is one of those movies that I like to call "porn for women" because the men say all the right things that a real man would never say. And isn't that what a woman really wants? Good conversation where the person on the other end is actually listening and cares how you feel and what you think? It is just as make believe as those airbrushed women in magazines who are probably miserable to live with in real life. Well anyway, it has gotten me interested in Jane Austen. I love to read, but have never read any of her books. Now the movies are all on my netflix list and I will have to look over my moms and patty's bookcases this weekend to see if they have any of her novels.


Sarah said...

I had the same idea after I watched Pride and Predjudice. I don't think we have any of Jane Austen's books here so now I'm looking for them all over.

The Bradley Family said...

I'm so glad you finally posted! I was beginning to think you had thrown your computer away! How does your house look? I bet it's nice to have the bulk of the remodeling done. I have an older version of Pride and Prejudice and it is one of my favorite movies, I will have to rent the new one and see how it compares.