Monday, April 14, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

Ali celebrated her 5th birthday on Saturday at a spa in Spanish Fork. They have the cutest little girl section called Spoiled Rotten. They got to choose cute dress ups and there were lots of different accessories. Gwen's favorite part was the dressing room. After the dressing up was all done they got to make their own sparkly lip gloss and then had a little tea party with little sandwiches and pink hot chocolate. Then there was singing and pink cupcakes with the most delicious frosting. And then more dress up. They couldn't get enough. It was so cute. There was a little run way and they could see themselves on this big tv. I am struggling to get things done today, so I didn't have much time to work on these yet. But here are a few. I will probably post the rest on my jack & jill site later so that I don't bog this one down with pictures. So check back tonight or tomorrow... or the next day. I still have to go shopping and take the kids to the park and cook for a 2 brothers barbecue that Joey told me this morning is going to happen tonight. And it's already 2. But we are finally all dressed. Also for some reason some of the pictures didn't upload to my computer. So I have to figure that out. There are some cute ones of the little little girls dressing up too that are stuck on my card still. Also, has anyone seen my phone? It is a venus and it has a picture of Gwen as my main screen?? I can't find it anywhere. It is somewhere in Price.

Happy Birthday for real today Ali!!


cara lou said...

Wow. That sounds like the most perfect birthday party. Would it be weird for me to have my 27th there?

I see you're reading The Poisenwood Bible -- that's one of my favorite books. Have you read it before? If not, let me know what you think when you're done.

And thank for you nice comment. You're too sweet.

Good luck with the knitting! It took me quite awhile to get the hang of it. I had a pretty hard time figuring out how to hold the needles. I was like, really bad. But just keep trying! You can totally do it!

cara lou said...

I sent you an email. I hope it's still your email address. Let me know if you get it...and if not, let me know what your new email is!

The Bradley Family said...

Your pictures of the party turned out so cute! We are wanting you to come aorund 2:00 pm, what time is the baptism? Can I borrow that book when you are done with it? I got my new cell phone and am going to activate it today, so call me anytime.

Elisa said...

Cute pictures...I'm going to borrow a few (and give you credit of course)