Monday, May 19, 2008

Hangovers and Etsy

This is how selfish I am. Joey was really tired yesterday and fell asleep right after church. I put the kids down for naps and then I woke him up to eat lunch with me. Of course then he couldn't fall back to sleep, but I went ahead and took a nap anyway. A LONG nap. So Joey was ready for bed at 8 last night. The kids were somehow also tired, so I decided to take a sleeping pill. It is now 5 p.m. the day after and I have been walking around in a haze all day. Tylenol PM never does this to me. I only took 1 generic sleep aid and I am so glad that I didn't take 2!!! Any tips for the morning after sleeping pill hangover?? Kelly?

Well because of this sleeping pill, I had the deepest, dreamiest sleep ever. Unfortunately I have been thinking too much about Joey's fear of animals with door opening hands. (If you don't know what I am talking about, read my last post.) It was horrible. There was a Grizzly bear in my backyard and it opened my back door. I know that bears have paws, but my subconscious didn't think that hard about it. I don't know where Joey was in my dream, but he must have had the kids. Randi and Luke were with me in the dream. This bear was no ordinary bear either. It really wanted to eat the 3 of us. We were running from house to house and barely shutting doors before he got us. He did eat one of my neighbors who was unfortunate enough to be out doing yard work. We finally thought we had lost him when we saw him run to the next house and then Randi started pounding on the door!! (Does my subconscious think Randi is a moron?) Well anyway, there was another dream about a crocodile eating Max, in one gulp. It was really sad. I carried the croc (and Gwen) to the doctor, but the doctor felt in the crocs belly and said that he wouldn't take him out because one of his fingers was already digested and it was too late. This dream was seriously traumatic. It finally ended because I was whimpering and crying in real life and it woke me up. Soo... I usually write my dreams in the back of my journal, but I haven't been able to find it.

Has anyone ever shopped at Etsy?? I first heard of it from my friend Cara's blog. A few months ago I finally bought something, these cute little ties for Max. I bought it here. I get so many compliments.

Today I bought this cute little pillowcase shirt/dress for Gwen and a matching one for me. The fabric is a little out there for a shirt probably, and Gwen will probably be embarrassed if we actually wear them at the same time, but I LOVE them! Etsy really makes me want to try harder to be creative and learn to sew! Here is the link to where I bought these at BoutiqueMia

I also want everything from this shop. But especially this swimsuit.

And this dress.

I need curtains for Max's room, but in weird sizes and an odd number so it is hard to find what I have in mind. I'm thinking I need to make them myself, just simple tab top curtains. Has anyone ever made their own curtains?? Any tip or tricks or warnings that I shouldn't attempt it?


Randi & Jackson said...

HEYYY!!!! I'm glad that bear didn't east us? Did we live in bear city or something, I was probably pounding on the door because I attract contension.

Melanie said...

Curtains are really easy to sew Suzy. I know you can do it!

RazzFamily said...

The tea party was really fun, I was bummed your mama wasn't there though :( There was probably 200 people or so! Really getting big!
Jill is a total goofball, she is really fun to be around. I love haven't purchased anything yet, but I love looking at it!

Sarah said...

I browse Etsy a lot, but if I ever did get something from one of the shops my sisters would be like, "What are you trying to prove?" I guess I'm just not cute enough.

The Bradley Family said...

Hey, I made the centerpieces for my grandparents party and they turned out so cute (not as cute as yours). I got a lot of compliments on them, all thanks to you! When are you going to come visit? You need to come see my house and let the kids play! We are getting new playground equipment in Wellington, I think it's because it is such a classy town ;) so you guys should come play.

kellyrass said...

The trick to getting out of your sleeping pill hangover is to take another sleeping pill. You need to get your body used to them. My mom didn't like this answer.

emily barclay said...

I made curtains for my house. If you need help let me know. I think you can do it. I totally know how you are feeling with the sleeping pill I took one and I have been like a log since, but it was the best night sleep i've had in a long time.

The Bradley Family said...

I would love for you to come take pictures of my kids. We need new family pictures so bad, especially since now my face isn't so fat! You name the place and time and we will be there! I'm glad you like the colors I picked, post some pictures of your house!