Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother I Love You

My Mom:

My mom is so creative and talented. She used to sew clothes for us. I have tried this and I have yet to have a wearable finished product. She also knits, crochets and paints. She is always doodling on something, no matter what we are doing. But her doodles are like sketches, not like stick men. You will be talking and you know when she starts to look at you in a crazy way that she is drawing a picture of you. And when she is done it really looks like you. I used to try to draw realistic eyes and mouths when I was in school and I could never do it. Somehow I inherited absolutely none of her artistic ability.
She used to come to my class in elementary school on Halloween and do all the kids makeup for the Halloween parade. My only claim to fame growing up was that I had the coolest mom. She was always the most fun and it was the only reason I had friends. My teachers learned quickly that if they needed posters or anything artistic that she was the girl to call. All of my favorite things about her are the things that I am not. She is outgoing and has friends wherever she goes. She has original ideas running through her head all the time. I can seriously think about something for days and come up with nothing and two minutes on the phone with her and I have the best activity all planned out. And I don't give her credit for it most of the time. I am hoping to start fresh in Richfield and make people believe I am someone that I'm not. So thanks Mom. Can you believe she had the energy to dress up all of these kids and haul them down to some studio to have a picture taken AND drive us all around to go trick or treating? And remember she had been at the elementary school all day doing little kids makeup? AND my dad was in China, so she was doing it all alone. (Which was why we had this picture taken, it wasn't a tradition to make fools or ourselves or anything.)

Happy Mothers Day Mom!! I Love You!!

Joey's Mommy:

I hope Patty doesn't mind that I'm posting old pictures of her. Kelly says it is breaking blogging rules to do this, but Patty doesn't have a blog so. . . sorry Patty. But isn't she so cute?? Patty is Joey's best friend. And I don't mind at all. She is such a wonderful person and so unassuming that you can't help but love her. Patty is the first person Joey thinks to call when anything exciting happens. She is also the first person we think to ask for advice when something scary or bloody happens. (She is probably getting sick of us.) She is the best teacher. Joey was a pretty good kid growing up and if you ask him why he didn't do certain things he can tell you exactly why. And in every case it is because of a lesson that his mom taught him. The other deterrent for him was the thought of ever making her sad or disappointing her. I have a funny story about this. We were at Randi's house probably about a year ago with the Rasmussens. It was Sunday but we weren't eating for a long time and we were all hungry. So Joey and Erik went and got some food and brought it back to the house. As we are eating, Kelly and Joey are talking about how even if Patty was traveling on a Sunday, she would pack sandwiches or just plain not eat, rather than shop on Sunday. So I walk past the window and thought that I saw Patty's car pull up and said, "Your mom is here." I have never seen Joey or Kelly move so fast. They had that food off the table and the mess cleaned up before Erik even had time to wipe the look of disgust off his face. It ended up not being Patty. Now obviously these kids in their 20's with kids of their own, would not have gotten into trouble, but they honestly care what she thinks. And even if they stray from what she has taught them, they will always be thinking about it and not enjoying themselves as much because of it. Just joking.
Patty is generous. She is patient. She always has a special spirit in her home. She is the best book lender. She grows the prettiest flowers. She knows everything. Seriously. I have never met anyone who had a bad thing to say about Patty. I really lucked out in the in-law department.

We love you Patty!!


The Bradley Family said...

I love your mom. She was my work mom and I miss her lots. She helped me more than anyone will ever know when she let me work for her in Huntington. I hope she had a great Mother's Day, and I hope you had a great day too!

Patty said...

jee, suzy, i always considered myself the lucky one. i think i have the best sons and daughters-in-law in the world. thank you for all the kind words. (i'll pay you later)

RazzFamily said...

I must agree, your mom is one talented and awesome lady, I know I owe her a lot. I love, love, love the Halloween picture, Luke is so cute I just want to take him home! Aahhh! But, yes I agree your mom is so amazing and whether you want to admit it or not, you too are creative and pretty darn talented too! Happy late mom's day.

Melanie said...

I think your mom is pretty special too and she makes a great sister. We both had a wonderful Mom and it is gratifying to watch our daughters being mothers. You're doing a great job and I'm not biased (well maybe a little).

Nanette Gamble said...

Thanks! I got that shirt on the clearance rack at target. I love good deals! It is easy to remember your birthday, cuz it is that same day as my moms.