Friday, May 16, 2008

Stay Classy San Diego

Here are a bunch of pictures from our San Diego trip last week with the Prescotts. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us use your time share. I think we use it more than you, you're the best.
Thanks for taking a picture of all of us Em. This is one of 4 pictures of me from our vacation.

This was taken toward the end of our trip.
Joey rocked this for the first half.
Some pretty attentive kids waiting for Shamu.
The petting zoo at the Wild Animal Park. Notice Max's little attempt at bravery in the back. Also notice the missing eye on this poor animal. I am just glad it wasn't my child that caused it. Gwen is notorious for poking eyes.
Our first day at the zoo.
Gwen named this elephant "Gwen".
And this skunk "Max". This was at the museum, not the zoo.
Max is such a happy guy. Even at The Museum of Man.
The only thing he didn't like was how much fun Gwen had holding his leash. Joey bought this for him the night before we went to the zoo and it was a lifesaver. He is quick. And he didn't mind the leash either, unless Gwen was controlling it. He was wearing it at one of the museums we went to and when Joey and Max walked away from one of the exhibits I lingered for a minute and heard a middle school girl tell her friends how horrible it was that that guy put his kid on a leash and that she would never do that. We all know how it ends when you say you will never do something when you have kids. Right??

I think the kids loved the 30 minutes that we spent at the beach the best. Max loved being free of his leash.

We vacationed with the Prescotts, but we only really crossed paths the first day at the zoo. They had enough of boringness and decided to go to Disneyland.
I took a lot of boring animal pictures because I am going to make the kids an alphabet book (A is for Alligator) with pictures that I have taken. I think this could be why Emily decided to not spend so much time with us.
Joey has always been my best model.
But Gwen loves to have her picture taken the most.

Gwen really wanted me to take her picture right here but she couldn't smile normal because she was so nervous of the pokey plants behind her. I'm not even going to explain the outfit, it's such a long story.
This picture has a story behind it. Joey is afraid of animals with human like hands. (Monkeys, raccoons, possums or is it opossums?) They creep him out because he thinks that they could open your door and get in your house. So the first day of our vacation, Hayden and Emily discovered this when we saw some raccoons at the zoo and we were all having a laugh at Joey's expense. So the next day we came across this exhibit at the natural history museum. It is demonstrating the need for opposable thumbs to open doors, etc. I really couldn't turn the handle without using my thumb. Of course Joey demonstrated that with enough muscle, it is still possible.


Randi & Jackson said...

I'm glad Joey shaved that discusting mustache off, the people at Sea World probably would have thought he was a pedifile.

Melanie said...

I wouldn't have recognized that was Joey with the mustache if you hadn't labeled the picture! I'm jealous you went to San Diego when we were having rain and snow. You take amazing pictures!


How FUN!! It looks like you guys had a GREAT time. We are taking the kids next month to do the exact same thing. I hope they have a good time....The leash idea may come in handy for Trace as well.
Great pictures...But what is your interest in taking pictures of a pedifile??
Just kidding...But I think Randi is right!
Joey...You look much better without it!

kellyrass said...

The moustache is a little selacious. The monkey hand thing is so true. I have a recurring nightmare where a gorilla is trying to open the door of my bathroom. I have had it since childhood. It could happen Suzy.

Nanette Gamble said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I can't wait until my kids are a little older and I can take them on fun trips. Did Gwen dress herself in that one picture? Ethan has starting picking out what he wants to wear, and it doesn't really match!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Holy cow, that picture with Joey and his stache, he looks JUST like his dad! That is crazy! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Your kids are adorable!

emily barclay said...

Looks like you had an amazing vacation. How fun.. the pictures you took of Gwen are so cute..

The Bradley Family said...

Sounds like fun, I've always wanted to visit San Diego. Your family is so cute. You should enter Gwen in a photo contest, she is so photogenic.

Kari said...

oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard I might just pee my pants (not that that's anything new, I am pregnant, lol). That mustache cracks me up! I will have to post Josh's...he grew one for 3 months...and wouldn't shave it off until it was "full grown". In his words it's when the hairs under the nose touch the top lip. Sick! He shaved it right after his birthday. It was nasty's weird to look back at the pics. Anyways, he did it as a tribute to his dad for his 50th birthday, cause he always had a nice thick 'stache while Josh was growing up. His brothers were all supposed to do it too, but Josh lasted the longest!