Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leap Ahead Learning

We have been busy for the last week or so with a broken pipe in the yard. Here are a few things that have been going on in the meantime.

We got Gwen's preschool registration papers in the mail. She is pretty excited. When I talked to the preschool teacher on the phone she asked if I wanted Gwen to learn spelling "Gwen" or "Gwenyth" and it hit me that Gwen is going to learn things without me being the one to teach her. Not that I teach her anything now, but that is the point. I am so excited for her to learn things because I always feel guilty for not spending more time teaching her. Thank goodness for PBS.
This is Gwen's friend, Easton. Today Easton invited Gwen to go to the movies. They saw "Bee Movie" and Eastons mom told me that even though she had brought her own money for treats, she kept saying she didn't want anything. They finally figured out that she was just being shy and shared their treats anyway. That is definitely not like Gwen and then I realized that Gwen hasn't ever really gone anywhere with a friend. She hasn't really even gone anywhere with family unless Joey and I are there. One time my mom took her bowling. And she is almost 4. Maybe I am too protective, or just boring. Oh well.
Last week my dad and Luke came down for a quick visit. We went up Monrovian Canyon and Max and Gwen were in heaven with Grandpa. He just let them mosey along and throw rocks in the stream.
Luke found this and Max thought it was pretty neat. It was pretty gross, but cool.
Here are some pics of Joey's homerun hit. Look at that form. (That is what he says whenever he sees pictures of himself. )
There he goes. I always tease him that he runs like a T-Rex, but it doesn't show in this picture. I guess he runs pretty normal.
Rounding the bases, almost there.
And he's headed for home. He made it home by the way, I just didn't get a good picture of it. He didn't slide or anything so it wasn't really picture worthy. That boy can run fast though. I guess it really helps to have the stride of a giraffe.


Sarah Jo said...

We just signed Connor up for preschool too. I can't decide if I am happy or sad about that. When are you coming to Price again? You should call me, I have way more to talk to you about then can be written in a blog!

Patty said...

i read that book last summer when we were in seattle. i found it at an old book store. it's pretty good. just all the people are so messed up. also, would you email me that pic of the front of your house. i want to print it out. kids are darling, as usual. say hi. see you on monday at chad's.

DD said...

I heard you got a new car. I wanted that car once. Once when I didn't have 5 kids. It is so pretty. I think we get our car obsession from our dad. Well, that and shoes! Such cute kids! See you on Monday.

kellyrass said...

Oh ya, don't worry about how gwen learns to spell her name. Worry about which kid will teach her how to flip someone off in Chinese. It's the same as in English.

The Johnsons said...

Its sad when your kids start doing things with friends and your left behind. I guess its part of growing up, she will love preschool. It was hard to let Shaelynn go but it gave me quality time with paeton, it was good for both of us.