Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fake Smiles and Scary Faces

There hasn't been anything picture worthy at our house lately. Well everything your kids do is picture worthy I guess. Sometimes just thinking about having to upload the pictures and all that deters me from picking up the camera. How lazy is that? Joey and I went up to girls camp on Friday and I did get some pictures of that, but they are still on the camera. I am the YW secretary and they asked Joey to be the guest speaker before testimony meeting that night. I though it would only be a few hours long and just got our regular babysitter. Then we found out a few days before that we had to leave at 3 and probably wouldn't be home until around 11. So we were frantically calling both of our families to see if anyone loved us enough to come watch our kids. It turns out that no one does. But luckily our babysitter didn't mind the long hours with disobedient children and one who cries a lot when Mom leaves. Joey did such a good job talking to those teenage girls. I was worried that he would talk too long or just not be able to connect with them, but he did perfect. He really is such a good teacher and I am so thankful for a wonderful mother in law who taught him everything he knows. We ended up getting home a few hours later than I had told the babysitter. Oops. She is a good girl though and never complains. It sounded like she had kind of a hard time with no nap Gwen and big boy bed Max. Oh well.
Right now we are working on Max's room. I think Joey might move in there with him when it is all done. Half of his clothes are already in there and the other morning I found him asleep in Max's bed.
Well here are a few pictures of the kids. These are from our trip to Logan a few weeks ago.Three years old, going on 15. Sometimes going on six months.

My kids must get sick of having their pictures taken. Wouldn't this be such a frame worthy picture if only she had smiled? Look at those sparkly eyes? Oh well.


Nanette Gamble said...

Ethan gets sick of me taking his pictures too. If they weren't so dang cute, then we wouldn't take their pictures. I wish that we would've been around when you came up to Logan. I bet our kids would've had fun together!

kellyrass said...

I want you to do our pictures this weekend. Is that too much stress?

Sarah Jo said...

Cute pictures. I am jealous that you are in the YW Pres. I am so antsy for a new calling. What a good babysitter, will you give me her number?

Nat said...

We are lucky in the babysitting department...both sets of grandparents within 30 minutes! Your kids are cute! I love the picture of Gwen at the bottom!