Monday, July 21, 2008

Go check out Dions new blog!!

This is my cousin Ashley and her husband Jason and their daughter Addison. They came to visit us a couple of weekends ago and we had so much fun. First of all, it is just nice to have company. But it is also nice to spend time with people who have the same beliefs and interests as you. Well, at least they pretended to be interested in the same things as me. I dragged them to Marysvale to eat and to go to an antique store. And I also dragged them (is dragged a word, it's sounding funny?) over an hour away to Mount Pleasant to see Get Smart at the drive in. I LOVE drive ins. Of course, they have a few within a few minutes of where they live, so that probably wasn't too exciting for them. The only drawback of the weekend was that Joey was gone. He had a camping trip with Steve and Johnny that had been in the works for awhile. And he is excited to take the kids and I camping sometime soon, so we are looking forward to that. Well, thanks for coming to visit, Ash and Jason! To see more of this cute family, go here.

Here is my new business card. If your child is represented and I didn't ask you beforehand: congratulations, you have cute kids! Just kidding, seriously, if anyone has a problem, let me know.

I need to upload pictures and I am too lazy, so I was going through pictures already on my blog and I never posted anything on my family website of this 5 minute photo shoot. Kelly's kids don't like me. But look how cute Claire is with her arms folded. To see more go here.

And I found this in a folder and couldn't resist. Isn't he so good looking? I uploaded this picture a few months ago because my aunt asked me to send her a mission picture of Joey. I never did find out what it was for. So if any Prince relatives are reading this and know anything about it, leave me a comment. I think his hair is too long for a missionary though, maybe this was his senior picture.


everything pink said...

thanks for your comment. my daughter made it in imovie on the mac.

Nat said...

That is how I remember Joey. Where did he go on his mission? Your pictures are so cute! Next time we're in Richfield, we'll be sure to stop by for a photo shoot!

Even though you aren't doing the Memory Tag...
Remember the picnic on the patio at CHS after the Days of '47 parade? The pickle juice? Being in the boy's bathroom drying our shirts when Mr. Brown walked in? Good times! I am glad you remember the puke in Robert's Craft...and that you thought of me when Gwen puked in a store. I'm flattered! :)

The Johnsons said...

We are only about 15 min from Mt.Pleasant. For sure we will have to meet up somewhere. I have never been to a drive in I've always wanted maybe now I will have a chance now that I will be down that way. I really need to come for a visit and have you do our pictures.


Super Cute Business Cards!!...I love the different fonts you put together on Jack and Jill...Looks Great!
Wish you guys were closer and we would set up and appointment!