Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Gwen and Joey just celebrated birthdays 2 days apart. Here are just a few highlights.

Gwen had a friend party and since it will probably be her last birthday in Richfield, we invited all of her friends. There were 10 invitations sent out but with siblings and mothers sticking around we ended up with 25 people at the house. I think she's good for a few years. But I want to say thanks to my dad and sister for coming all the way down from Price for the party so that Gwen could have her best friend there. And thanks Dad for getting the chocolate cake out of the carpet after the guests left.

The next day we went to the zoo and then to Rodizio for Joey's birthday dinner with his family. Thanks for getting all the kids popscicles Randi! And thanks for babysitting while we went to dinner mom and dad! And thanks for dinner Jerry!! I also want to add that we really missed Erik and Jackson due to a mix up in scheduling. I know it will sound insincere, but there was genuine disappointment at your absence. Well, thanks to all the family and friends for all the presents!!

Now speaking of presents, I am not a good present giver. I used to try so hard to be able to surprize Joey with gifts and my plans were always foiled. Here is one example. Our first Christmas after we were married, I bought him a nice silver cigarette case that he had been eyeing to use as a wallet. I was super sneaky and rushed to buy it while he was in class and hid it until Christmas. On Christmas morning I was so excited that I had kept it a surprize until he opened it and all of his credit cards and license were already inside! I am not even sure to this day how he did it. But back to my story. I noticed a few holidays back that I didn't have to try very hard to hide gifts from him. He quick checking my email for shipping notices, he quit asking Gwen what we got him, and then he quit looking all together. I realized yesterday that it is because he isn't excited anymore about what I've gotten him. I am lousy at present buying. At least when it comes to Joey. (I don't know why this is underlining or how to stop it.) He said my presents yesterday were like getting school supplies for your birthday. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to fix it and just ended up giving everyone headaches.
What are some presents you have given that hard to buy for person in your life??

On our way home from Salt Lake we stopped at a little bakery in Midway. Joey wanted to get cupcakes for his sunday school class so they could have a little party. We protected those cupcakes all the way home. Along with being a bad present giver, I am also a very bad driver, so those cupcakes really needed protection. Max was out of my sight for all of 10 minutes this morning while I ran upstairs to do my hair. (I know, that isn't very long to do ones hair. Now you know what Randi has to work with. She tries and tries to teach me, but in the end we just compromise that until I learn, I won't tell anyone that she is the one who does my hair. ) So back to Max. I walk down the stairs and Max greets me with a chocolate, sprinkle covered face. I am praying that he only took one cupcake. I walk into the kitchen crossing my fingers and there are two cupcakes face down in the doorway. I look up and there is no bakery box on the counter. I walk around the counter and there it is, face down on the floor. Luckily, the lid stayed closed when it fell, so they were smushed cupcakes, but not dirty cupcakes.


patty said...

Max, Max, Max, Max..............

Sarah Jo said...

You are such a good story teller. Are you guys moving? Tell Gwen and Joey Happy Birthday. I am not a good present giver either. But for anyone. I always try so hard and am so excited to give the gift and then nobody is ever excited. Oh well, it's the thought that counts :)

Melanie said...

Do you guys get tired of birthday cake in August too? We have three birthdays 2 days apart and I know that I'm tired of making cakes by the time Nick's birthday is over. Sadly, the boy's birthdays are right before school starts so a lot of their presents are school clothes! Girls wouldn't go for that but the boys don't seem to mind.

Sorry about the cupcakes, he he. I was tending Ethan the other day and he was supposed to be taking a nap. He came into my room covered in toothpaste and baby powder. It's easier to laugh when it's your grandson.


So, where are the picts of the parties...Miss photographer? :)

At least you take the time to get a gift...I on the other hand find gift cards, or the saying "go buy yourself something nice" the route I take.