Monday, August 25, 2008

The Pictures

I have been working on wedding photos all day and my family hates me. So I put the kids to bed early, found a video game for Joey and kept on being neglectful. I am not having a good day. But I did get the birthday pictures uploaded and wasted a lot of time on them, knowing that I will never do anything with them. Does anyone want to go scrapbooking? I have a few years to catch up on.
* * * I am trying some new things and they are coming out mostly creepy. This is one of Gwens friends from her party. Joey thinks it looks like the Joker. Why would I make chocolate cupcakes for a bunch of kids? Who am I kidding? Not made, bought.

Daymon loves Wingers
This is the Diner we ate at in Oakley, Road Island Diner. Joey took this picture and the kids and I were in it until I cropped us out.
We had desert at Red Mango in Orem. It was delicious. I got original yogurt with raspberries and graham crackers. You should try it.
Gwen is a poser, but lately she refuses to pose normally. She opens her mouth wide or tries to look like a zombie.


sheena said...

ok miss suzy....we are friends!! love your blog! thanks so much for stopping by mine!!! how good is red mango!? and how cute are your kids!

iowamom said...

Hey, this is Christa...You are so talented! I absolutely love the pics you have taken of my sister's kids, and of the Browns. I wish we lived in Utah so I could hire you!

Nat said...

I love to look at your blog for the pictures. They always look great...even the one of the Joker! Good job!

Sarah Jo said...

Great pictures. You can take pictures for us anytime! I love Red Mango, I will have to try that flavor next time.

Sarah Jo said...

Ok Suzy, I just have to tell you, your comments always make me so happy. You are a funny, funny girl. Thanks for the great stories that always make me laugh. You really need to call me. Or come to visit. I have 2 hours a day now with only one child, it is wonderful.