Wednesday, August 13, 2008

waiting for the garbage truck

Max is so crazy naughty. But just look at that face. He started saying "saw-wee", but he laughs really hard whenever he says it. I am definitely one of those moms that is going to get so offended someday when another mother accuses my little Max of teaching their son to smoke or some other naughty thing. Not really, I think I am too self deprecating, even when it comes to my kids to not see (and point out) when they are not perfect. But I AM one of those moms that thinks my kids are dang cute.

We have had a lot going on in the past 2 weeks and a lot of changes. I haven't taken a single picture of my kids in over 2 weeks, but I just came across these pictures of pony rides at Thanksgiving Point awhile ago.

This is Gwen on "Fancy"

Max doesn't like anything that breathes.

But he loves Daddy.

These two were standing by the road one day, watching very intently as the garbage truck came up the street. Who needs t.v.?


Kari said...

i must agree...your kids are very cute! :) Great pics! My girls loved the ponies at thanksgiving point!

Sarah Jo said...

I can't believe you would call ME a crazy idiot?! I may have OCD, but I am not crazy! That picture of Max is adorable. You should come visit us, we have horses your kids can ride...for free.

Randi and Jackson said...

I can see him saying that even when he's like in his 30's "saw eee mom".

Chris & KayTee said...

That is a funny picture of your little boy. If it makes you feel better my niece hates any vegetation she cry if you set her in the grass or get her near a tree. It's funny. Hope all is well with you guys.


Nat said...

That is funny. My kids love the garbage truck, and I've got a whole house full of little naughty boys like Max! Cute kids!

kellyrass said...

It's about freakin' time. That's all I have to say right now.