Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deep Fried Goodness

If you didn't take your kids to the Utah State Fair, you missed out. Well, you missed out on a few minutes of cuteness and fun that could really be purchased elsewhere... doing something else.

This particular attraction was free (unless you are counting 2 adult admission tickets). The kids got to be farmers for a bit. Max took his job very seriously. I really think he was worried that he was going to mess up. (Are guys just born worrying about how they will provide for their families?)

Gwen on the other hand was disappointed that the food was not real. And pretty relieved that the livestock was not.

Joey had other things to worry about. (Seriously, who printed this? And what were they thinking?)

Of course, anyone in Utah with a television was beelining it for the deep fried pb&j booth. I was skeptical. These will be replace the cranberry sauce on November 27th. (Who likes cranberry sauce anyway?)

Joey posed for his picture, I am not that quick. He takes pictures faster than I do. No warnings. My tongue is sticking out like a giraffe. And I did take care of those roots that very night.


kellyrass said...

So did he plant it there?

Nat said...

You look hot with your tongue hanging out. Really?! Deep fried PBJ? That sounds...gross! It looks like you guys had fun!

sheena said...

i really do think eating is the BEST time to take a captures the real moment and emotion of the deep fried goodness...(so it was good??)