Monday, September 29, 2008


Before I start my ramblings, go here to learn how to win a CRICUT!!

When Joey and I were first married
, we bought our first computer together. We were so excited for our first living, breathing purchase as a couple that we decided to name it. We named it Max. I just remembered that a little while ago. I didn't spend much time with Max. Then when we moved to Cedar City and Joey started his business with Chad, we gave Max up for the betterment (is that really a word and that's how you spell it? I was just guessing, but spell check isn't telling me it's wrong. It looks wrong.) of the company. Since we were both always down at the store together it didn't really matter if we had a computer at home or not. Every now and then I wonder where that computer got stored or tossed when he quit being productive. All of my pictures from Gwens first year of life are on that thing. And probably lots of other stuff. Well anyway, I don't really have a point. But I have gotten by without a computer in my home for over 5 years now. Until a little while ago when Joey brought me home my mac. I am not sure how I lived without it. We are never apart. It's a problem. Joey came home from Salt Lake this weekend and I think he hates me. I just could not get off the computer. This is a long post already, but it's late and I am lonely.

So Joey went back up to Salt Lake this afternoon to go to work at the crappiest job I could ever have imagined for him. (I used to work at Holiday Inn and I think that is better suited for lazy old me than this is for him.) Anyway, I took him for granted all weekend. As soon as he left today I realized that I hadn't had my debit card all weekend and I think I left it in his truck. Then I realized a few minutes later that without Joey around, I would have to depend on the kids to help me out when I ran out toilet paper. They weren't any help. I went to give Tyson a ride home from work today and my car was dead as a doornail. I had to go interrupt my neighbors dinner for a jump. So I guess Joey is good for more than just looking pretty. Next weekend I will wash his clothes for him. And turn the computer off for a few hours.

Here are a few cards I have been working on. To purchase custom cards for any occassion you can visit my etsy shop. Oh yeah, I did NOT take any of the below pictures. Just made the cards.

Tomorrow I will upload some pictures of the kids and blog about all their naughtiness. Unless I get sidetracked.


Melanie said...

1. Why is a MAC better than a PC?
2. Why don't you guys move to Cache Valley? They're building a huge Marriott Hotel at the south end of Logan almost across from your old house.
3. When will we ever learn to look for tp before we sit on the throne?
(I can't tell you how many times Naomi has called me from her cell phone from the main floor bathroom) Sorry for sharing Naomi!

The Johnsons said...

Sounds like life is pretty crazy for you. I am with you on the computer thing I never new how much I needed a computer until we moved I had to go out and buy me a laptop. I love the christmas cards they are so cute!

Aubrey said...

Sounds like you are way more computer savvy than I am. Aaron came home with a MAC and I do like it, but there is SOOOOO much you can do and it is taking me FOREVER to learn!!!!!

patty said...

i read a statistic that 30% of married people polled would rather keep their computer than their spouse. now you know why.

Shawna Wilson said...

I love these cards and you are so so so awesome for doing them for free! I saved a card from last year that i saw through someones blog and i loved the let me know your email and then i can send you the design and we'll see if it's something you can do (which it's pretty simple, so no big deal) and I'll be typing up a post about your offer! thanks!!


Sarah Jo said...

Wow, I've missed so much. I haven't had a computer for over2 weeks now and it has been absolutely miserable. I have been trying to catch up with everyone's blogs, but sorry if I missed anything important.