Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Etsy Shop

My super cute little newlywed and newly expecting cousin Katie Willden just started an etsy shop called BabyMade. She makes cute little baby quilts, receiving blankets, etc. I looked yesterday and she has already added new things today. My favorite things when I had babies were those double sided, hand crocheted edging, oh-so-comfy receiving blankets. I never actually had one of my own, but Kelly let me borrow some of hers. They are the best. And Katie is selling her hard work for all of us to enjoy. So go check out her shop HERE and start buying shower gifts or something for your own little sweeties.

Here are two of my favorites from her shop:

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Nanette Gamble said...

It is pretty crazy having two boys. I spend most of my day trying to keep Ethan from hurting Logan. It is so sad. What did poison control say about the tylenol? I have found Ethan drinking the liquid tylenol before, but I think it was almost empty. School is going pretty good. It is pretty easy, because I am just finishing up my generals right now.