Sunday, October 26, 2008

Done and Done...

So I decided to go through with my new feeling of motivation on Saturday and this is what we did:

First we made bread. (Because we ran out of grandma sycamores and when we got in the car to go to the store, we discovered it was dead.) Then we made no bake cookies so the kids could help.

We tried to take some bread to Grandma Worley across the street, but she wasn't home. So we whipped up a few tutus. (Thanks Kelly for showing us how) We tried again, but she was still gone. So we played in the leaves for awhile.

Gwen says we have "matching eyes". (Lucky for her we don't have matching noses, sorry Mom.)

Grandma Worley finally got home so that I could try out my evil plan. First we gave her some bread and a deviled egg container (what would you call that) that we have been meaning to return since July. And then I asked her if we could borrow her dog to take for a walk. Gwen is slowly warming up to things that move and lick, but Max was horrified by the words coming out of his mothers mouth. It took a little while to coerce him to stop screaming. Then we slowly made our way over to him. (Slowly because he was running as fast as he could in the other direction.) But look what we accomplished!!!
There was a little setback a few minutes into our walk when I decided that it would be cute to get a picture from the front, so I started to jog ahead a little. Well, in Max's 2 year old mind, he saw Mom running away from the killer dog. He immediately dropped the leash and started crying "HUGGY, HUGGY" while he ran away as fast as he could away. ("Huggy" means "Pick me up!")

When we got home Joey called and asked if I would teach his Sunday School Class on Sunday, because every 4th Sunday he teaches Priesthood Meeting. So instead of preparing a lesson, I made some cupcakes. From scratch, because we still had a car with a dead battery and Joey didn't make it home until late. Luckily we still had sprinkles and such from last Halloween. (Do sprinkles go bad?) When we busted out the goods, Gwen immediately remembered the last time we had used them and what friend she was playing with that day. She needs to have friends over more often.

And now I am making dinner while the rest of the family naps. I don't even mind making a big meal on Sunday now that we can eat like this(refer to picture below) all week while Joey is gone. (Not that we didn't eat like that before, but now we don't feel guilty.)

I am getting another thing checked off my to do list without actually having to do any of the work myself. I am finally going to get a working website for my photography. An old friend of mine from Pleasant View (my old home away from home, thanks Aunt Leslie) agreed to help me out with it. After reading his blog I decided that I might start stalking his wife until she agrees to be my best friend. She is perfect for me. She majored in anthropology and she likes to read. She is also super cute with a cute little dog. To see some of their awesome vacations and their cute little dog, go HERE. Make sure to read all about their Europe vacation and live vicariously through them like I did. Tyson takes awesome pictures.

And here are some pictures from the airport on Thursday. Layne came home from serving a mission in Kennewick Washington. It was the first time all of us had been together since before Lynn went to Brazil in 2005.


Jennie said...

What a fun day! LOVE the tutus! How did you make them? I need to make some for Christmas

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

That is a lot of homebaked goods, you superwoman. I've never made bread, or cupcakes from scratch, you are amazing! S

Melanie said...

You made me tired just reading all you did! I'm so excited that Layne is home!

Sarah Jo said...

Cupcakes from scratch, that is amazing. We just got a dog and Kadee is TERRIFIED. She is not a dog lover so her and Max will be perfect for eac other, should we start planning the wedding now?

kellyrass said...

Blah blah blah - cute pics - blah blah blah. Are you guys coming to my halloween party?

briana said...

How fun to have all the family together again after 3 years! You all look so happy and so CUTE! I love it when all my kids and grandkids are here - it doesn't happen often and will now not happen EVER probably with Briana in Italy. Dang!

Elaine Goold said...

Oops that last comment was not from Briana, it was from me - I don't know how that happened!