Thursday, October 02, 2008

Field Trip!!

So I have had this trip to St. George planned for weeks now. We were going to leave on Wednesday morning and come home late Friday. Lots of quality time with Nana and Grandpa. So I pick Gwen up from preschool on Tuesday and tell her teacher that she will be gone on Thursday. No big deal, she won't miss any lessons, they are just going on a FIELD TRIP!! My little Gwen can't miss her first field trip! So we had to compromise. We left that very minute instead of the next morning and came home early this morning instead of tomorrow night. A bigger gas waster than I had planned on, but we still got to be with my dad for his 50th bday. I will post pics of the big day soon.
So, on to the field trip. Gwen called Joey in tears (before we came up with our compromise) and asked him if she could go on her field trip. She said, "Daddy, they are taking us to an apple orchard and the branches will be so so low to the ground so that we can pick the apples ourselves and we even get to take the apples home and eat them. " I think Joey was more upset than she was. I think he would have driven home from Boise just to take her to preschool.
Here are some pictures of her big adventure. Well, not of her adventure at all, but before and after.

Still trying to figure out my new bamboo toy, so it is probably not readable. Who cares anyway, right? The point is, she didn't love the vest. I bought it because it instantly reminded me of Kelly and I thought it would be super cute. Notice the embarrassed look on her face in the first picture because I made her put it back on. She snuck it into her backpack sometime before they left for the orchard. It's already starting.


Nat said...

That is funny! It looks like she had fun!

The Johnsons said...

Oh your such a good mom! Its amazing how much those field trips mean to them.