Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dear Rass Kids,

Thank you for driving all the way to Richfield to visit me. Sorry for crying everytime I thought there was the smallest chance that it was time for you to leave. Sorry for all the other times I cried too...for no reason at all. I really really really hope that no one got sick after the pumpkin patch. I guess I was crying all day because I didn't feel good. But I was so excited to play with you that I didn't want to spoil the fun with talk of upset stomaches. Or maybe it was the food at Big Rock Candy Mountain. It also could have been Aunt Kelly's driving skills. I threw up all over the living room after you left. Maybe I was just really sad. I felt better after. Mom didn't. What did I eat? Oh yeah, thanks for sharing your club sandwich with me Randi. Or maybe it was the rice pudding that made it so hard for mom to clean up.
Love, Gwen

TRAIN RIDE!!! (Photo taken by Joey, don't me mad at me Randi)



I love your blog its so entertaining in my boring life! You are so beautiful!

Sarah Jo said...

Sounds like Gwen had fun! You gotta love when they throw up all over the living room.