Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Mr. Birdie,

I would like to apologize. I am really a very messy girl at heart. But you see, I am married. And the boy that I live with likes to come home to a clean house. And I have learned to adapt over the years. So you see, it is really not my fault that my windows stay so sparkling clean. I'm sorry your Halloween was ruined. I hope you are comfortable now in my cozy warm garbage can. I hope you are having a happy reunion with the others who have tried and failed to join me in my happy home. Please try to send a message from wherever you are to your friends and family. Tell them that there are children living here. Tell them that there is a sweet little girl who is very disturbed by the way we keep meeting. And a little boy who wants to play with you and is not at all disturbed that you won't play along. I would appreciate it.

Sincerest Apologies,



Aubrey said...

Oh my heck that was funny! I can't even tell you how many times we have birds fly into our windows - and I can tell you for sure it is not because they are sparkling clean but rather just high up and close to the trees that they come darting out of. Seriously, when will they ever learn. I can't say that I have seen any of them get knocked out or loose their life though - sorry.

kellyrass said...

This story is almost believable. The clean windows ruined it. It probably just ate your cake.

Loriannie said...

So basically, you were raised by Hillbillies who don't beleive in clean windows? Thank heavens for the boy who taught you to clean! :)

The Tinney Family said...


Elaine Goold said...

Dear Suzy,

Was my Halloween ruined? What do you think?? I guess there's no better day to die than Halloween. But I am sorry I made your cute little girl sad. Thank you for respecting my remains and not letting your cute little boy play with me, but why, oh why, did you put me in your GARBAGE CAN??!! (That was a little disrepectful). There is a whole flock of beautiful birds here who claim they met their end at your clean windows' hands, but I seriously doubt they are all telling the truth. They're a little flighty. Although they do say that birds of a feather flock together - so who knows? I will send a little bird to tell my family and friends to fly to your Aunt Elaine's house instead because her windows are not very clean and I'm sure they'll be safe there. Plus there is no snow in St George. It's like heaven on earth!

I thought you'd be interested to know that I'm now taking harp lessons which was one of my dreams - so I guess I have you to thank for that - well, you and your clean windows.

Mr. Birdie