Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Zombie Reagan & a Tag

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Inappropriate? Probably. But for the love of Halloween, it is staying up.

My cousin Sarah Tagged me:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was 16, a sophomore in High School and Halloween was coming up. So I was probably up at my cousin Steph's. I think this was the year I took my friend Deana with me to meet all of my friends from the "big city". All of the boys thought she was cute so I never took her back. I'm kidding, she really is so dang cute, I wish I had a picture.

What's on my to do list
I think I've overdone this one in previous posts
Although tomorrow is a busy day for Gwen. She has a cavity being filled, then straight to preschool and then over to the primary Halloween party.

What are my favorite snacks?
pretzels from the mall
salt and vinegar chips
peanut butter cups (especially in shakes)

What would I do if I was a millionaire
Well, hopefully I don't become a millionaire due to Joey dying. But if he did, I would be. Haha, kidding.

Places I have lived
Idaho, Montana, Michigan, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, Texas, Utah

Jobs I have had
Princess Fashions (sorry to bring it up mom)
Sears sales associate
telemarketer (For one day. It was my first job after getting married and when I got home, or rather out to the parking lot where Joey was waiting, he told me it was too boring after school if I had a job. So I didn't go back, because I HATED it anyway.)

People I tag -
Randi (I know you always need a reason to blog)
Sarah B.


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, when in the heck did you live in Oregon? And yes, you can come here anytime, on your way to WA. And no, you don't have to watch my kids for me. I'll hire a babysitter and we'll go out, WITHOUT kids. The cousins need time to get to know each other without parents, anyway! OK, so WHEN ARE YOU COMING? You should come over for my brother Michael's wedding so I can meet your kids/hubby. Nov. 22nd, I'm sure you recently got the invite. xo

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, and my dumb hubby voted today (we weirdo Oregonians vote by mail). I voted PALIN/McCain. He voted Romney. I could have kicked his butt. What does he mean, "The Republican Party didn't provide me with a good candidate, so I wrote in my own" Is he an Idiot or an Idiart? I guess both. I'm sure we'll loose now because of him.