Thursday, November 13, 2008


Most things in my life have a clearly defined roll. When I was little, even my crayons knew where they stood. Blue was a boy, purple was a girl and they were married. Red was a girl, and yellow was a boy. They were only dating though, because Red has a pretty strong personality. (If you would like a list of the genders and personalities of all the colors, send me an email) Okay, I was little, but the point is, I like things to be defined in my head. Even if I am wrong. Joey and I had disagreements with the color green when Max was a baby. Green is a girl. She is a spinster, but a girl still the same. Joey thought green was a definite boy color. I say it can go both ways, it's not pink at least, but then he protested that yellow is a girl color and that is just not true.

So let me set up this scene for you:

Gwen has preschool in 15 minutes. We haven't eaten lunch. I'm debating over cereal or ramen noodles when Gwen says "Let's do it backwards and have cake right now. Then after school we can have an after school lunch." Well that sounded a lot easier. So I get two little plates of pumpkin cake and set them in front of my two little ones. We are laughing and having a good time when Joey walks in. We had just had a discussion about feeding the kids real food, so I knew how this would look to him. So I quickly comment on how there is cream cheese in the frosting, so there is your dairy product. And it is pumpkin cake, so there are your vegetables for the day. It turns out he's not too concerned with the idea of cake for lunch. But as he takes a big bite, he says, "It has seeds, it's a fruit."


Pumpkin, a fruit??? Not possible. It doesn't taste good like a fruit, so it's a vegetable...right? I mean, fruits taste fruity and delicious. You can eat fruits all by themselves without mixing in a lot of sugar and they taste sweet. So we discussed this for a minute. In a few short minutes my world was turned around. Trying to prove him wrong, I list the things that are CLEARLY vegetables, and have seeds. Cucumber.... a fruit he says. Zucchini... something so disgusting is definitely a vegetable. A fruit he says. Well, I decided to take Gwen to school a few minutes early, I was getting a headache. But I couldn't quit thinking about it. So we looked it up later. I knew he had to be wrong, because as I was thinking of all the vegetable with seeds, it only left like 2 things without seeds, carrots and potatoes. And what about seedless grapes, are they a vegetable? Well it turns out, he was right. Even peas are considered a fruit, but the vine and leaves that are apparently edible are vegetables. The crazy list goes on.

This is completely upsetting to me. I have so many misconceptions about the world. But I have decided that maybe it is a good thing. No more gross "vegetables" for me. If they are fruits anyway, I will get my daily recommended dose from yummy things like raspberries and other real fruits. Did you know that dandelions are a vegetable? I guess I know what my new crop is for next year.

Regardless of what scholars say, what do you think constitutes a vegetable?
Do you classify strange things in your life, like colors of crayons?
What is your favorite fruit?


cara lou said...

Haha, I love it.

John and I argue about which colors belong with which numbers. to me, 1 and 5 are blue, 2 is yellow, 3 and 6 are red, 4 and 9 are orange...etc. I'm not sure which colors go with his numbers, but he is wrong.

I don't think there is anything wrong with pumpkin bread for lunch. Plus, it probably is actually more nutritious than Ramen!

(I also think pie is a perfectly suitable breakfast.)

Sarah said...

That is too funny. Rory and I argue about random things and I HATE when I am wrong. I am going to say that you are right. It doesn't matter where you found the info or if you are actually right, you are a girl and us girls must stick together.


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The Razz Fam said...

did you also know tomatoes are fruits too? Sorry to break even more sad news...

I love reading your blogs...they keep me laughing!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

My favorite fruit is. . . drumroll please. . . SUZY C!! You are fruity, let's face it. And your ovaries are full of seeds, so there you have it. Munch on that baby.

Melanie said...

No matter what your research found, anything that grows on the ground on a vine, especially if it's green is a vegetable to me. It's a fruit if it makes good tasting jam. Who would want pea jelly spread on their bread?

I don't give gender to my colors, but I do like my numbers to be even. For instance, when I turn up the volume on the TV, I like it to be on an even number. Strange, huh?

kellyrass said...

If my kids cry when I put it on their plate it is a vegetable.

Crystal said...

I second Kelly.

Nat said...

You are so funny, but I agree with you. It was bad enough that a tomato is a fruit, but pumpkin and peas? Seriously? What is an avacado? It has a pit.

I thought green and yellow could go either way...until I dressed my little boys in those colors. People commented on how beautiful "she" was. Oh well. I got those comments when they wore blue, too.

Nat said...

Oh, and two summers I had dandelion jelly. We bought it from the Amish when we were on vacation. It wasn't very good.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

My thing is that if it's juicy, it's a fruit. Like broccoli? Not juicy, spinach, zero juciness, oranges, very juicy! Also, vegetables are harder to spell. I mean, grape, peach, lemon and then you vegetables like Broccoli, Colliflower (still can't figure out how to spell that)asparagus, that took a few tries!