Tuesday, November 18, 2008




Kick, kick, punch.

Punch, punch.

Taco. No Way.

Chicken. Oh no. Chicken.



(I know I don't sound very sincere in my apology. But my mom is embarrassed and will try to keep a closer eye on me.)

Apparently this post was kind of confusing. These sweet little girls are Lexie and Claire, two of Max's little cousins. I was informed that on Saturday night while we were partying with the New Kids, Max punched Lexie a few times and made her cry. And I had to rescue Claire from him the next day. This time he was using a weapon. So, sorry girls. Any advice??


kellyrass said...

It took me a minute to get that. Coming from a mother of children who do not hit other children, your apology is accepted Max.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, I still don't quite get it. Did Max beat up this Kelly person's daughters? Poor girls. I like how his vocab includes his favorite dinner selection.

What we do said...


somebody lied to you go to this webpage pumpkins are squash therefore a vegi i knew that but heres some proof. peas are on there to whatever someone considers something to be doesnt make it right some people consider themselves sane when they are psycho clearly they are wrong but "they" consider themselves right Dont be a one of "them" you dont give in you look for proof till your right! Pumpkins fruit Pshhhh! Oh and austin punched ash in her sleep in the middle of the night let me know if you get any advice about not hitting lol i cant figure this out either but i know pumpkins are vegis and so im good! miss ya lady!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, I was so disturbed by your post I checked once more, just in case you cleared it up. . . ha, ha.

I just want you to know, I used to send cards from my oldest daughter to my family and friends, using my left hand to write, when she was a newborn. I'd write all kinds of weird "Kid Voice" stuff that probably made no sense to whoever received the cards. But it was hilareously funny and witty.

To me.

And that's why I know you and I would be BOSOM FRIENDS if we lived anywhere near each other. We are equally quirky. And I'll provide the bosom part and you provide the friend part, because in the photos you look kinda skinny and let's face it. I'm a chunky mamma.

Nat said...

Ha ha ha! I have no advice, just laughter! Did you happen to see my latest post? My three year old had to go to the ER because his cousin hit him in the eye with a stick. My oldest child broke his little brother's arm by pushing him off of a golf cart. This is just what it is like to be a mother of boys! Good times!