Friday, November 14, 2008


So awhile back I did this crazy thing where I designed Christmas cards for free for anyone who posted on their blog about a special I was doing through Jack & Jill Photography. All in all I had around 60 people respond. Who doesn't like free, right? So now that Halloween is over, people are starting to remember about their free cards and I am spending every waking moment designing cards. It is pretty fun, but every once in awhile I get a Christmas cardzilla. (Not the actual card, but the person I am creating it for. Ok, maybe that reference didn't work.) That isn't fun, especially when I am doing it for free. So imagine my shock when a few weeks ago, this darling girl writes to tell me thank you for the card and would I please accept a necklace from her shop, Hogwash Designs to show her appreciation? That just made my day. Free stuff is awesome, but feeling appreciated is even awesomer. So I just got my custom necklace in the mail today and I love it. Go here to see everything she has in her shop. These necklaces would make the BEST Christmas presents! Especially from your husband, hint, hint guys. So simple yet so thoughtful. Thank you so much Nikki!!

So in other news, we are off to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK tomorrow. We are only 15 years too late to expect a good time. I am excited for quality time with Randi and Kelly. Joey is going to wear his robot costume, just for Randi since she missed it on Halloween. (Try to be mad at a cardboard robot Rand, it is impossible.)


Melanie said...

I love the necklace! I'll have to give some hints to Kent.

I think New Kids on the Block should change their name to Been Around the Block.

cara lou said...

That is so great! It's so nice to be appreciated. :)

I love that necklace. I got a similar one from a shop on etsy for Mother's Day that has all of our initials. I love it!

Nikki said...

I am glad the necklace arrived safely. Thank you again for putting up with me!!:)Was I a cardzilla? :)

Thank you for the shout out for my blog shop.

Aubrey said...

Oh, Suzy - Brooke went to the NKOTB concert tonight as well. Hope it was a good time. I used to drool over them . . . .is that really what they looked like? Yuck! Why did I think they were so hot? I guess pre teen hormones will do it to you!

Kelli said...

Those are my favorite necklaces, I have been seeing them everywhere. Hope you guys had fun at the concert. Sounded like a party.