Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Large Noggins

My kids have large noggins. Who hasn't seen So I Married an Axe Murderer?? The scene with the Dad teasing his kid about having a huge melon? That is going to happen at my house when my kids are old enough to understand what I am saying. The sad this is that they got their giant heads from me. If I am buying Joey a hat, I can try it on any of the rest of us and if it fits, it is probably 2 sizes too big for Joey. Where did I get this crazy body? Short legs, freakishly long torso, giant head, huge nose (I know where I got that...I love you Mom and I love our nose too.), and I have crazy ugly toes. There is more, but I digress.

So I have a hard time finding hats that fit our huge heads. Until now. I found the CUTEST hand crocheted beanies. And the girl that makes them lives in Salt Lake so I'm even shopping local. Kind of. Click here to see all the cute styles and colors. They have sizes for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. I am not even going to say what size I had to buy for my big headed babies. But they fit and they are super cute. Of course, now I just have to figure out how to make Max keep his on. But first we have to find it.



Way CUTE Hat!
Whatever you did to the picture to get that coloring and effect.....I LOVE IT!
It looks like a painting.

Aubrey said...

Okay then! The mystery is solved. The large heads MUST come from the Smith side. It is very obvious that is where the noses come from as well. Short legs? long torso? oh my heck the toe thing? Yikes! You would think we came from the same egg or something. Well, rest at ease knowing that your kids are not the only ones with big noggins. I look at my kids baby pictures and sometimes think they look like one of those bobble head things. And honestly I thought that they got the big heads from their dad. I guess that still may be the case but we can blame it on the Smith jeans. But I will take all of those things in exchange for their big eyes! Love them!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I love that movie. . . 'ead! (in a scottish accent!) OK, that is seriously cute hat. My kids have always hated hats, so I don't even know where you're coming from. I think your heads look normal size. Maybe because the eyes are large, the head looks normal??

Sarah said...

I think you are adorable. I have never noticed you having a ginat head, but I do remember watching So I Married An Axe Murderer with you about a billion times. That was a great movie. You should come see me and we can watch it.

Nat said...

Ha ha ha! We have big heads too! Well, I should say my boys do, and they get it from their pa. When Levi was five, the dr. insisted on doing a CT scan just to make sure nothing was wrong! I looked at him and said, "Umm...have you met their dad? There isn't anything wring!" I still had to consent to the CT scan to prove it. Oh, and I was right! Oh, and sometimes I call my kids "Sputnik" Best movie ever!

Cute hats!

Loriannie said...

okay, give the nose and noggin thing a rest. Atleast i don't have a hairy chest!
Seriously though, how couldmy grandkids have smaller heads when they have such big brains. That would be messy.