Sunday, November 09, 2008

Time Management

Today I went to class with the 14/15 year old girls at church. Our lesson was on time management. Managing my time well is not something that I do. Here are a few ways that this has been brought to my attention over the past few weeks.
1. Kids running around the house before I have pulled myself out of bed
2. Remember my previous post about the kids sleeping with me? The other day Gwen got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and never came back. In the morning when I woke her up from her own bed (yes I was up before her), I asked her why she didn't get back in bed with me. She said, (in an oh so sleepy 4 year old voice) "Oh mom, just look at my room, it's so clean. Your room is just too dirty with things all over the bed and the floor." (Of course I was the one who cleaned the kids rooms after they fell asleep in my bed)
3. In all the weeks that Joey was in SL working, I have sat down at the table to eat with my kids ONE time. Gwen has never looked more confused. She thought that meant Daddy would be coming home to eat with us.

So anyway, we won't talk about the more serious issues at hand, I think this blog gets me in enough trouble with DCFS and other wives and mothers. BUT, when we got home from church today, Joey and I sat down and wrote down both of our roles and responsibilities. I feel like I have a lot more on my plate, at least right now. He feels like he has a lot more to do. Never sit down and do this with your spouse. I think he might not be talking to me now, but I'm not sure because I'm not talking to him. I'm only kidding, although it does make one super defensive. He compromised in the end by saying that we are "equal but separate". Of course, I know he doesn't really think that, but I can pretend if it means we don't have to live "together but alone" for the next few days.

I really have nothing to say....I am just typing up a schedule for myself and it got to be too much work.

But while I have your attention, I have a few things I would like to discuss.

1. Gwen said a super naughty word the other day. In my book, the naughtiest word you can say. Even as a fourth grader I knew as I was saying it that it was the naughtiest word I could ever utter aloud. We were in the car and Joey was driving. Both our jaws dropped to the floor. Lucky for me, Joey is a good teacher and took right over. Problem solved. So today the kids and I are alone in the car and Gwen says her super naughty word again. On purpose.
So my question is, why is being naughty so cool? I can already see her future. She's going to ignore all the nice decent boys who like her and decide that the boy with long hair and tattoos in her art class is the only one for her. Oh dear.

2. Max is starting to use everything as weapon against his sister. Yesterday he found a screwdriver. She didn't love that.

3. I guess that is all...I can hear the time management police coming down the stairs... just kidding Joey.

How old were you when naughty things quit being cool? (liking the bad boys, saying bad things to be funny, etc.)

How do you fit 3 meals, a clean house, and a happy husband and kids into 24 hours?

When do you have time to read?


Jennie said...

Loved the post. I didn't realize that Joey was in a different city working. Where do you live? I gave up a long time ago on having a clean house. I decided that cleaning makes me angry (well, I suppose it's the messing everything up 5 minutes after I clean it that makes me angry) so I don't do it. After working full time, though, I'm a little more sympathetic (and so is he). For me, it's really hard to come home and clean after being at work all day. For him, it's really hard to keep the house clean all day. So I don't get mad when I come home and the house is a mess and he doesn't get mad when I don't help clean. We're messy, but happy. Actually, he does a pretty good job at keeping the house clean (better than I did, anyway)

kellyrass said...

Did Gwen drop the F bomb? She probably heard my mom say it while she was here last week. WTF?

Melanie said...

You need to cut yourself some slack. It is impossible to do everything we're supposed to do in one day. Just do your best and also put your kids to work. It might seem like slave labor, but my kids had "jobs" pretty early on and I found if they were busy doing something to help, even if it was to fold and refold a washcloth, they weren't making a new mess. Also, have you tried soap in the mouth for naughty words? It also works for spitting and biting. I'm sure my kids can still taste soap to this day! :)


You are Hillarious!
The only thing I have found to save my life, sanity, and marriage is to get a cleaning lady!
Sure, I have to cook a few more meals at home to save enough to pay them...But there are always those 2 days out of every month that Everyone is VERY, VERY, HAPPY!!
Also, I became more aware of what the kids were dragging out.... Cause I didn't just pay someone money to clean and then have my kids wreck the whole place!
So, I may not be the Super Mom of the Year for paying someone to clean....But, it's cheeper than Marriage Counseling!!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, you are too funny.

Just do the most important things, and let the other things drop off, without guilt (easier said than done!)

1. Love your kids and hubby (and hide the weapons from the boy)

2. Cook dinner at least half the week, frozen the rest and let the kids scrounge for the other meals.

3. Blog, then clean if you have time.

I think this recipe for sucess will do it for you, it seems to work for me. And I didn't spell it out in #1, but "Love your Husband" means a lot of physical love. Husbands complain less about your lack of daily accomplishments if they are "Paid off". When Damian says,"What did you do all day?" I say, "How about a quickie?" And he forgets the question.

Oh, and I agree with Melanie. Put your minions to work. Little man will be so tired, he'll forget about killing sister. And the oliver person is a man/woman after my own heart. . . cleaning lady is key. Of course, expensive, but she's right, cheaper than marriage counseling.

Good luck and quit being so hard on yourself. You're the best.

I think you need to get some sponsors for your blog, yours is my favorite, so I think it's ready for the world. . .Then you can afford to eat out more, go to that place that you make a month of meals and put in the freezer (Dream Dinners or something) and get a cleaning lady.

Problem solved. . . Blog Sponsors. Add that to your list of things to do.

Nat said...

Oh, Suzy! You are so funny! I still think naughty things are cool, but that could be because I grew up with five brothers, and now I have a husband and four boys. So, good luck with that one.

The secret to having 3 meals as a family a day, clean house and happy family are quite simple...recruit help! I learned a few years ago that even though my boys don't clean as well as I do, they can still do it. It will look a lot better than if you let it wait until you get to it. It is also teaching them the importance of work. Making the hubs help out only makes him appreciate you more! Otherwise, you can't have all that! Good luck! Wow, I didn't mean to have it sound like I know everything. If you came to my house right now, you'd see utter chaos!

cara lou said...

This post was hilarious. And I don't know what it is about naughty things...but I didn't out grow it until I was like...I haven't yet. Haha.

I manage to make dinner (almost) every night, keep the house (quite) clean, read a book or two a month and have time to craft because -- I only have one kid. And no other outside obligations (besides a 2 hour per day job). And an OCD husband who takes care of any clutter before it starts accumulating. Also, since William is still nursing, I have time to sit around whether I like it or not, which is when I read.

I fully do not expect to continue living like this when we have 2 or more kids. I just know it'll be impossible. Something will have to go. I think the most important thing is happy, loved kids! Which you have. :)

Sarah said...

The bad news is I was in college before I stopped liking the "bad boys." Time management is tricky, especially when your a mom. I swore I was going to start getting up early and working out before the kids woke up, that happened ONE TIME.

NatPalmer said...

You don't know me (although we were in HS together so you might), but I'm not an internet weirdo, I promise!
I just stumbled across your blog & I have to say THANK YOU for making me feel normal. I love your posts. I'm also a stay-at-home mom & have 2 kids. I'm a good mother, but the worst housewife ever!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with tidyness, dinner, sleeping in until my kids wake up & too much PBS time for the toddler. It's easy to think you're the only one who lets their kids go to bed past 10:30 pm... so it's refreshing to find someone else who isn't perfect.
~Natalie (Penry) Palmer
My blog is private, but you can email me at if you want to be added to the list, since it's not fair that I can peek at yours but you can't see mine. That sounded dirty.