Wednesday, December 03, 2008


It's that time of year.

The Christmas lights are going up.

The ceiling fan in the master bedroom can finally take a rest. (Finally because the Master would like it to stay on year round, but in this dry weather, it starts to dry up everything in your nose that you've been trying to get rid of all day and then that dry air goes straight to your throat...don't you hate that? I do.)

Sweatshirts 24/7....every woman with kids loves this. Right? For us, not our kids.

Birds are starting to get aggressive with their house hunting... (this will be addressed in much more detail in a later post.)

It's almost time to put up a new calendar...

So it must be HOT COCOA season....

I know what this looks like. I must be lazy and very inattentive for this boy to get into so much trouble. That is mostly true. But this boy is as quick as the devil. Is the devil quick? He can also open cupboards with child locks on them. Or did I forget to relock them because it is such a hassle and I am super lazy? And he can hide really well. This was an easy one to clean up, the jar of cinnamon in the carpet 2 hours later was not so simple.


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Oh, you poor, poor woman. I hope his children give him a run for his money, but only if he's a stay-at-home dad because I wouldn't wish that on your son's wife. Wow, it must be late, that didn't even HARDLY make sense.

Sarah said...

I love Max, him and Kadee would get along so well! I hate winter, I am cold until Spring and I hate being cold. Oh well, I do love cozy sweatshirts! Are you going to come see me for the holidays, it is the only present I want :)

Nat said...

Ha ha ha... I love little boys! :)